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Hi everyone :wave:

Today I’m excited to give you a heads up on what’s coming up with our next update! With our rebranding, we’ve announced that we have ambitious goals on stepping into the realm of more collaborative working.

Linearity File Sync is the first step towards that and it will be a way for you to safeguard your files and work from any device at any time, online or offline!

  • We wanted to give you a tour of the changes that are coming and what to expect. You can read all about Linearity on here.

  • On top, we’ve covered the steps you will go through as well as answering some of the questions on the migration here.

Lastly, I’m pleased to announce that we will be holding two community Q&A sessions, one on our socials, one on our Forum here. More details on these events coming up soon!


Hi @Medet ,

Can you confirm if a decision has been made to allow users to opt out of Linearity Cloud, and only store files locally? The FAQ is unclear on this point.


Hey @llui85, you will be able to export and store files locally but when you make edits or want to make edits they will need syncing with Linearity Cloud.

In terms of backing things up and storing your work locally, you can. But when you edit, it’s synced. Once done, you can then store locally, even work offline, then it will re-sync when you are back online.

Hope this makes it clear for you.


This feels like a regression. One of the reasons I selected Vectornator to use (back when it was still called that) was because I can manage my files myself, and sync using iCloud instead of using whatever forced storage solution whoever wanted to provide. I paid for iCloud, why would I want to be forced to use something else? Not to mention I organize working files in folders dedicated to the project.

If this is something I cannot change this affects whether I continue using this app on both desktop and iOS.


@Aryzen thank you for your valuable feedback. I can understand how you might want to keep things all on iCloud or local as well as how this might affect your choice moving forwards.

At the same time, with Linearity Move coming out, we need both Linearity Curve and Move to align on a single platform in order for both to work seamlessly with each other and for our users to import and export across both apps much more easily.

Should you wish to store everything locally, you still can export locally and remove your files from Linearity Cloud. That will always be a possibility.

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Hi @Medet,

If I don’t have internet access for an extended period of time, can I still create, import, and edit files in Curve? e.g if I take a 2-week trip to an area without mobile data, will Curve stop working and refuse to let me edit/create files?

Will we be able to control which files are stored on-device for offline use?

I agree wholeheartedly with this sentiment, and am seriously reconsidering my use of Vectornator/Curve. @Aryzen you may wish to peruse the contents of the below thread.


This will be the end of Linearity usage for me. I say no to using other cloud solutions than iCloud, no matter the explanation. We are taking Apple devices, after all. I also have seen a survey asking how much I would be willing to pay for Linearity. - With the move away from iCloud this amount would be zero.

There is another reason. Linearty does not really work for constuction drawings. Because on such a drawing the actual measurements have to be visible all the time on the drawing. So clicking on something and then seeing that particular something’s measurements in the corner of the app is of no use.

So, as Linearity cannot really be my only vector app and cannot continue to synchronize drawings between devices via iCloud makes it meaningless for me to continue as a user. Certainly not anything I would pay for as a subscription. There are other apps which can do better and still use iCloud synchronization or iCloud files.


Should you wish to store everything locally, you still can export locally and remove your files from Linearity Cloud. That will always be a possibility.

But you mentioned earlier, any further edits will re-sync with Linearity, making that export effectively useless. Unless I misread?


@Aryzen That would be viable when you wrap up a project and want to store everything for a longer period of time, without keeping things on Linearity Cloud.

@llui85 in regards to your note of timing, I think that could be doable however, I’m waiting on a concrete answer from the team whether there’s an upper time limit or not.

We appreciate all your feedback and comments, concerns on the matter and this is why we wanted to give everyone a heads up this time around. Of course, as a user, the choice is entirely up to you to remain using our products or not. In any case, I’ll be here to take on any questions that might come up. :raised_hands:

That would be great if you could confirm that; ideally there would be no upper limit so I don’t need to worry about resyncing files on a limited bandwidth.

Hey @llui85! Thanks for your patience. I can happily confirm that we have no upper limit in terms of offline time indeed! :tada:

That is excellent to hear! Thank you for clarifying that.

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Used it today and it’s really a nice feature,great job​:v::purple_heart:

One thing that would make me not to use the app is if I will always have to need internet connect to access linearity cloud. Aside that I will just wait for MOVE to be released

I use Vectornator/Curve with middle school students and the requirement to sign in may be a deal breaker. I am hoping your privacy policy passes muster so that we can continue to use your service. I do not see why linearity couldn’t have made the cloud sign in an opt in service. It feels like a bait and switch.


I am very disappointed. Without Internet I now see the following message when opening Curve. Attempting to open the file picker through the File menu fails with a “file synchronization” error. The app crashes when trying to open pre-existing documents.

Fortunately I archived a copy of version 5.1.1 which continues to work.


When I opened the app today I found out that now I have no option other than to save everything to your Cloud? I don’t work with a group, I’m an individual person using this app as an individual. Forcing me to save my work to your server feels invasive and controlling. Your explanation makes your focus clear - you are only interested in business users, not individual users like me. Offer it as an option, sure, but don’t dictate it! I want to be able to save things to my iPad, or to my own iCloud. I chose the memory capacity of my tablet and the size of my iCloud based on my use, and I don’t need an app to declare unilaterally that it’s a ‘great benefit to me to be able to save things to their cloud.’ It’s not. It’s a frustrating invasion of my privacy and the right to control my own data. Please restore the ability to save only locally and to the iCloud, as before. The Linearity Cloud will be a boon to some users, I’m sure. But not to me, and definitely, not the way you’ve done it.


Today I experienced the same thing as previously mentioned by others: forced to upload my work to Linearity Curve Cloud.
My background: I am a doctor and as a hobby a graphic designer who is very active in making my field of work as graphic as possible. I used to work in Adobe Ai for years but switched to Vectornator/Linearity Curve last year and honestly loved it so far
However here are My concerns:

  1. Intelectual propriety theft: you can not oblige people to upload to your cloud. You are stealing the work of so many talented artists without asking permission first. My upload alone was 560 vector graphics in a very technical field in witch very few people work. And I had NO OTHER CHOICE BUT TO UPLOAD.
  2. Why are you doing this? Well for your development: uploading to Curve cloud will create a massive database for any AI tool to develop the brand further. On any field. For “everybody”to use.
  3. How do you respond to our concerns? Well you don’t. I tried to contact you via your support function on the app and guess what? It doesn’t work anymore. Or at least it didn’t work for me.
  4. What is really the problem? Well there isn’t any! For your cloud storage you temporarily get some files, for the everyday user- well we move on. I personally have ABSOLUTELY no problems paying for the app as long as it respects my PRIVACY AND MY WORK and is good, but at this point it is not doing any of that.
  5. What to do now? Well move on. I got frustrated for half a day about the “upgrade” then I remembered I know Adobe Ai and switched back to it in a heartbeat. They do the same thing with cloud storage as you try to do. So if I am forced to store to a cloud, why not go with the best? I am sorry to go, I really loved the app and believed I could grow with it to Move and maybe more. You lost a future customer today.

Hi @Mihai and Laura. Thank you both for your valuable input. I can understand how this might feel frustrating and how you can act in the heat of the moment. However, I think it’d be in good taste not to make any allegations about property theft when there are more than 80 people in the company putting long hours to make an honest living.

As for other alternatives and working with other cloud options, you have agreed that a cloud upload and sync is mandatory. We have explained before that this foundation is essential for us to introduce another tool and have our ecosystem function at a capacity we aim for.

As for concerns, you will find that I personally got back to every single topic on this forum ever since our rebranding and I can confirm our support inbox is functioning. Apologies if there was a technical mishap at that time.

All being said, of course you have the freedom to choose whichever solution that fits your needs better. Please feel free to reach out to us any time in the future as I’ll leave the door open for you. :slight_smile:

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