Saving On my iPad ?

Vectornator was working fine and I was able to save all my works on my iPad. But now I see that all my works gets uploaded to Linearity Cloud.

Please fix this bug, I just want all my works to be on saved only on iPad.



Hi @user126 thank you for the report. As of 5.2.0, local saving is no longer possible. However, you can mark files as offline and still export files as “.curve” from Linearity Cloud.

@user126: I’ll get back to you, some friends of mine are more familiar with this, but the hijacking of your files into the cloud may be illegal and may be actionable. because the company is not located in “headless USA” they are located in Berlin/GER/EU… there you can better claim against data protection violations.

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Yep that’s what I am saying. Imagine editing your family photos that we used to do on vectornator without any fear of it getting uploaded anywhere etc.

Now, its like working as a slave for linearity, all your works automatically gets owned by them

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Hi both. Please let’s not use terms like “slave” and “hijacking” as those can be interpreted much more negatively. There are genuine users here that are looking to report their issues and we are trying to solve them. So using such language creates additional unwanted tension on here. I hope you understand that.

We are in no way getting access your files and by no means we dictate any type of AI training without your consent. Currently we do a pop-up of asking for your approval on our AI powered features and only then we are allowed to anonymously use your data from an accuracy point of view. We are aware that our ToS might be interpreted otherwise and we are looking into it. I hope this brings more clarity.

@MEdet : I now see that as an offense to @user126 and me!

You talk about “genuine users” with “their issues”, means we are the opposite without any issues?!

And only because we give an honest name to the facts. And yes, the repositioning of anything, against the will of the legitimate authority, is called hijacking! Just as it is an offense to call @user126 me an “non-genuine users” without a “issues”!

We are polite in the form and we know that you are only the speaker in between of the user basis and your company. But since we are the ones who have to deal with the nonsense and have a greater time and financial load, we are also the ones who name the facts without being personally offending!

PS: now I know why you wrote this topic about “communication rules”…

I’m very sorry you see it that way and I apologise if my response resonated in such way. This wasn’t intentional as you can tell by me going back to almost every single message. We strive to keep it that way to get back to all messages and feedback.

Unfortunately sometimes the response may not be what you want to hear but I’m only entitled to give you information I have at my disposal and I cannot reverse any actions. So I do hope you understand that.

Thank you for taking the time and I’m here to help if you have any other problems.

It’s all good, something like that can’t really offend me.
But, if Linearity is so sensitive after such a mindless nonsense that certain terms should not be used because one could read a disadvantageous opinion from it, then Linearity and its speakers must also formulate accordingly!

… have a look at my post here. :wink:

apologies, but that’s how I feel.