Curve Version 5.1.2 - App request!

Hi, sorry to ask for, but I need Version 5.1.2. of Curve macOS, just to export my existing files…

The reason: my programs folder is excluded from the backup, I have to rethink this, there is probably more crap coming out of the than one would think.

If you want to be supportive, please upload the compressed file of the App to (Optional settings: Link => Advanced parameters => Valid for: 30 days) or other known service.
Shorten the link with (or other known service) and send it via personal message to me or via email to my spam account .

Thanks for helping…

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Hi @yes.nocloud I sadly cannot pass on an old version of our software, it’s not possible for me.

… now i’m slightly surprised? the Communications Manager can’t communicate with his own company to get a file??? :innocent:

just a suggestion:
read your own posts offering your help… so hop, go ahead, stop talking, many users would suddenly be more satisfied…

my conclusion:
Linearity has lost the trust of its user base… I know in the meantime too much that Curve, like me, have deleted, in other forums talk about alternatives and how to proceed…

@yes.nocloud thank you for your input. I’m afraid I’ll keep assisting people in the best capacity I can.

All the best!

… please don’t take it personally, It’s about a product and the philosophy of a company. And I know that you got a instruction and just want to do your job as good as possible… but that the user base is “upset” is the fact…

enjoy your time! Cheers…

had success? please share!

nobody has come forward with it yet

they are all afraid that their apple id is in the app and will be compromised, but this is very easy to remove - @yes.nocloud are you familiar with this?

here in the office we have someone who is responsible for such things

Hey everyone, I will be locking this thread as it seems to be going off-track and promoting an older version of Linearity Curve that is unavailable on the App Store. Thank you