so am I not allowed to edit my works just on my ipad

apparently this new update 5.2.2 forces all of my works to be uploaded on linearity cloud and eventually I thought it is just a separate cloud service that I can backup anytime I want but no it just forces me to put my whole stuff in your cloud service and directly edit there

like dude I’m not going to pay extra 15 dollars for 50gb a month to expand my cloud storage, let me have the option to just work locally on my ipad


Hi @philvee727 thank you for your feedback. I’m sorry you feel frustrated and I can understand why. We mentioned the extent of Linearity Cloud and what happens with offline access and such beforehand.

You can still mark files offline and keep working with them offline. Another fact I want to highlight is that by no means we are charging anyone for any level of storage whatsoever at this stage.

Yea… at this stage…
Forcing us to store on curve-cloud is a way to control our work and when everyone are using it, than the bills hits. It’s a way to catch us in the fishnet. Soooo disappointed :pensive:.
I would gladly payed for it, but want to keep my work on my iPad, under my control!


Hey @Therese thank you for chiming in. By no means we control your work and neither it is our goal here. We store your work and enable access to it. I’d ask you not to make such assumptions about our services as it has impact on all my colleagues and the hard work they put in.

As for the ability to work offline and store your work locally, it is indeed possible for archival purposes but you will need to sync the file again when you decide to work on it.

Rest assured, we hear all the feedback loud and clear and you can be assured that we are making re-evaluations internally.

Thank you so much for your understanding!

I’m so disappointed, I can’t even explain. My stress levels are up the roof!
I can’t see why we NEED to store in cloud by any means when I just use one platform. And the explanation gives no sense and the solution you are coming with it’s not good.

“Yes, you can store local after you give us all your work…”

What if I want to work offline on several works at same time (as I do) and forgets to download every file…? Than I can’t do the work before I get online again. And the internet isn’t that great when you are in train, bus and flights or even in the woods. It’s going to be a huge problem and so much more planing.

Why did you even do this. In a world where everything is controlled, Vectornator was not and we loved it. So, so sad!:cry:


You can still mark files offline and keep working with them offline.

ok where

yeah right I don’t see any, am I missing something

Hey @philvee727 apologies for the misunderstanding on my end. Once you go into Curve and browse your files, if there’s no download icon on it, it means that file is available for offline use! It’s that simple. :slight_smile: Let me know if this solves your issue.

hello @Medet . do you notice how you contradict yourself in many threads? e.g. in one post in this thread you said that users can choose which files should remain local. in another thread i read that in any case all files have to go to the cloud, but a local copy remains and is synchronized.
you are rowing here without facts to calm down, to keep the wave low. but wouldn’t it be easier to accept that it was probably a mistake. a programmer just takes the claud out and there is a lightning-fast update without the cloud? (i know such processes in both SCRUM and ITIL, so i know that something like this can happen in 2 days or less.)
as a long-time vectornator user, it makes me sorry to see the product being killed off just because Linearity are annoying and losing users. don’t Linearity realize that nobody trusts Linearity because Linearity don’t document and inform openly? Linearity have become untrustworthy for everyone because of this.
e.g. i’m looking for an alternative myself, not because i don’t like vectornator anymore, but because i’m afraid that you will no longer exist tomorrow. - sorry, all my thinking/impression

I don’t think anyone at linearity understands this!
I got the impression that no one at Linearity recognize the dissatisfaction of the user base. I also don’t think they know how the topic of Linearity-Cloud and the local-storage-disaster is discussed in other forums and how great the mistrust is since this incident. They only refer to future updates and calm down.
Your “quick-updated-version-without-cloud” is a nice idea, but you have to admit mistakes first before you can fix them! :wink:

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i agree

back to topic: @Medet how can we work now and in the future with local files only, no sync to any other storage than local!

reason: i’m working with confidential files

Ich have the same problem and looking for the same solution!

Thank you all for chiming in and sharing your essential feedback, I appreciate it.

For the moment we don’t have plans to revert Linearity Cloud back but work on improving the experience. As I understand you want to work on your files without the need to upload, I’d recommend having those files available for offline. (Which simply means if there’s no download icon on the home screen, that file is good to go.) Switch off and then continue your work. Then I’m guessing you can keep removing your files from Cloud.

However, I want to stress the fact that this is just my personal suggestion in hopes of remedying your situation.

it’s not about switching off the cloud, it’s about only wanting to keep files locally!

your recommendation does not stand up to any contractual obligations, too much “presumably” and “maybe”, one more thing, in your description the files are first loaded into the cloud and then cached locally again. rough fault in the procedure / breach of contract


However, a quick solution for everyone would be to re-release 5.1.2 as 5.1.3, finish developing the cloud service (minimum: folder structure, local only files) and then restart with 5.3-cloud-edition without errors. Could appear in the app store by thursday. :innocent:

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at this point I just don’t know what is even linearity curve anymore