Forced Cloud Upload: Goodbye Curve

Forced upload to Cloud? Sorry, but that is an absolute no-go.
I do not care about subscription, I care about you using my stuff for AI training. And I very much care for keeping my files locally. And not being forced to upload them.

Yes, there are advantages to automatic upload, but I want to be able to decide for myself whether to upload my files (and which).

So for me it is Good Bye Curve


For some files I am not even allowed to upload them because of contractual obligations.


I think this topic should be communicate more visible to Linearity:

our complete project group was stopping to work with vectornator/curve, because:

  • contractual bounds
  • privacy reasons
  • no use for/need for another cloud…

and we spend about two days for our migration, but this we see a a good invest to the future

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For a long time, Vectornator was the tool used in the construction department to straighten the hand drawing in background layer before it was finalized in CAD/CAM/CAE. This is development work, you don’t put things like this in the cloud!

The only reason I used Vectornator/Curve was the iPad + apple pencil experience. There is scarcity of vector apps on ipados.

I have switched back to using Apple’s Sidecar, should have never left it in the first place. Now I have screen access to all major league illustrator apps and animators of macOS on my iPad.T o be honest it’s a little inconvenient, but its better than any future shenanigans linearity might try to pull on.

I think there is no point in requesting linearity curve to change. Even if Linearity brings back localstorage this doesn’t future proof similar user unfriendly changes in future.


Fully agreed. This took me completely by surprise, it makes zero sense for my use case, and I DO NOT WANT IT.

I will not use any cloud-only products, especially not when the files I am creating contain hours, days, weeks of work.

There are way too many examples of software companies that had this approach (or ones that ended up with the same result, even if not exactly the same scenario) that no longer exist, or the company still exists but the particular service was stopped, to ever use it for my artwork files.

You can send out “Trust Me, Bro” assurances all you like, that makes zero difference to what happens in one, two, five, ten years. If I can’t open files that I have saved on my computer (or my NAS, or a backup drive), this software is now useless to me.


at this point this software gets worse and worse every single day and I am not happy of what this app has changed

not to mention the team are just being in denial and making excuses, and they refuse to revert back those changes of what people really want

if this goes way too far, I will definitely stop using this software

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