We’re introducing payment plans

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During the reveal of our new brand back in July, we also announced that we would be rolling out new pricing plans after seven years. Coming in February 2024, we’ll be offering three new subscription tiers; carefully designed to suit everyone, whether you’re a hobbyist or a large-scale enterprise. Each plan includes access to both Linearity Curve and Linearity Move.

This change isn’t happening for another two months, but we wanted to give you plenty of notice.

Here’s a quick explanation of each plan:

  • Linearity Starter (Free): Ideal for hobbyists or those kicking off their design journey. Full access to Linearity Curve and Linearity Move, but limited by number of files. This will always be available.
  • Linearity Pro ($11.99 / month): For professional and frequent users, featuring everything in the Starter plan, plus unlimited files and editors, alongside some exciting extra features and support.
  • Linearity Org (coming soon for larger teams)

As a thank you for your continued support, we’re offering our existing users a 33% discount (vs the monthly plan) on the yearly plan when transitioning to Linearity Pro, offering unlimited file creation, advanced video features, priority support, and more for only $7.99/month. Your dedication is truly appreciated, and we look forward to enhancing your experience even further. Thank you for being part of our community!

Why are we introducing paid plans?

Introducing our pricing structure is a step toward our continued sustainability and innovation, enabling ongoing development of cutting-edge features for Linearity Curve and Linearity Move. While we aim to continue to provide as much as possible for free, these plans ensure we can continue to deliver revolutionary tools and enhance the overall performance of our products.

Our new pricing plans also ensure that we’ll be able to sustainably introduce exciting new features for you in our products, such as:

  • Background replacement
  • Print and CMYK improvements
  • Support for custom fonts
  • Animation presets
  • Premium templates
  • More educational resources
  • And so much more!

We understand that these changes may raise questions. Rest assured, our transition will be generous, smooth, and straightforward. In the upcoming weeks, expect new FAQs, step-by-step guides, and a live session with me, Linearity’s CEO, to address your concerns.

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what in abomination

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How much files on Free plan?


First, you rebrand with a Wi-Fi symbol, then force users into your cloud, and now you’re demanding payment? I’m not going to support whoever’s making those ‘genius’ decisions :clown_face:


Thanks for addressing this in advance, your transparency is very much appreciated here. I assume pricing will be in USD?

Is the limitation in the number of files, or total storage space used?

This statement was not entirely accurate then I suppose (I would call a file cap “forcing” a subscription):

As for pricing, the core features you have as of today will remain the same and we have no plans of forcing anyone to buy a subscription. You will always be able to use all our tools for free. - July 29th

To be honest though, I’m not terribly interested in this. I have very little trust left in Linearity as a company since the cloud rollout and the way that that was handled.


Can we get some clarification on this point?

If the only Curve feature limitation on standard functionality is a “limited number of files” I presume many (depending on their use cases) could do with the same Free option? Just exporting the .curve files every so often if wanting to backup.

Meaning Pro is an option for those who don’t want that hassle, and or want the extra functionality listed in that tier(?)

Hi @crratOG Thank you for your valid question! We have more info and details on the file limitation as well as the entire process coming up in the next weeks. We will try to lay out everything and update you again in advance.

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Hey @llui85, the pricing will be locally adaptive but the base price you see on the pricing page remain the same. In terms of file limitation, we will be explaining the extents of it in the coming weeks but it won’t be tied into storage space but file count.

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So, someone using 15 or 20 10MB assets in their designs might be fine, while someone having to use dozens of small 5-10KB files in each project might have to upgrade? Where is the logic in that? Sounds like yet another strategy to force us to upgrade to a paid plan.

Well, not that I am interested in staying on-board after what transpired. Despicable, the whole forced “migration” to the linearity cloud, without an alternative, but I have made my opinion abundantly clear here.


This is what’s so irritating: I’m actually fine with paying for ongoing development of a useful app, even if there’s not some bandwidth/resource usage costs that need to be passed on to me. I’d be happy to pay $50–100 a year for just the one app, Curve, with no cloud storage or collaboration features, no access to forthcoming apps. I wouldn’t even insist on a predetermined schedule/roadmap for major version updates. Just do bug fixes and occasional minor feature additions, and I’m like “great, I’m pitching in to fund developers/support”. I’m sure the collaboration features are compelling enough to some users that you could still get add-on/bundle subscription revenue from them

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It astonishes me that a community of artists struggle with the simple idea that people deserve to get paid for their work, especially if it has value to those who use it. I completely understand why you guys have to introduce a subscription model. How exactly do people think an app like this gets developed and maintained? It’s through the work of a large team of people, who have families to feed and lives to live, and goals they want to achieve. Curve has helped me find a new kind of creative release I never thought would exist for me. It has created an additional path to income for me and my family. When I think of all the crap I spend $7 a month or more on the idea of paying that for a tool that has literally changed my life for the better is a no brainer.

How exactly did you guys think they paid their employees? There are no ads in the app. Yet somebody is responsible for coding every one of the updates. Someone created this platform. Sure, the cloud roll-out was an unmitigated disaster, that frustrated so many of us, but the reason for our frustration was that we had had this beautifully stable, intuitive and useful application for bringing life to the things we imagine, and we had gotten accustomed to getting it for NOTHING. So now that they finally have decided that they need to charge for their company to grow, I am willing to pay for something that has already given me so much value in my life.

To the Linearity Team - thanks for listening patiently while I bitched about the cloud roll-out. Thanks for this application that I use daily and has brought so much to my life. Let me know where to send my $7. It’s an absolute bargain. Happy 2024!


Hey @mattsrn , it’s super refreshing to hear your understanding and appreciation for what goes into creating and maintaining Linearity’s software. It means a lot to us!

About the subscription, we’re launching our pricing plans in February, but if you’re eager to get on board right away, just drop me a note in DM, and I’ll sort it all out for you.

Thanks a lot again for your support. Looking forward to an amazing year ahead! Cheers!