Introducing Linearity Move: Create animated assets in record time!🚀

At Linearity, we’re committed to re-thinking how design tools should work.
After an insightful beta phase, we’re thrilled to announce the public release of Linearity Move :rocket:

Designed to save time and cut costs on your motion graphic production, Linearity Move streamlines the animation process, fueling creative ideas with motion with just a few clicks.

  • Seamless integration: Integrated with Linearity Curve, it transforms your static designs into into dynamic motion.
  • Intuitive interface: Enhanced based on beta-users feedback, the interface is now more user-friendly than ever.
  • Animation simplified: We’ve removed complexity out of animation, leaving you with a powerful, yet user-friendly experience.
  • Versatile design tools: Ideal for everything from social media content to impactful advertising.

:mortar_board: Join the excitement: Live educational sessions
As we celebrate Linearity Move public release, we’re thrilled to kick off Linearity’s How To Sessions. It’s a perfect opportunity for you to connect with fellow graphic designers and delve deep into Linearity Move’s functionalities.

Join the first how-to session on January 18th!

:books: Linearity Move User Guide and tutorials
Want to learn more? Dive into Linearity Move’s User Guide and tutorials for a thorough understanding of this animation software.

:writing_hand: Share your feedback with Linearity
At Linearity, we thrive on your feedback.

We have special page for your voice to be heard. Visit us at and share your ideas about Linearity Move.

:person_tipping_hand: Need additional help?
If you encounter any questions or need assistance while exploring Linearity Move, don’t hesitate to reach out to We’re here to help!

:dizzy: Ready to elevate your design work?
Linearity Move is here to redefine animation, making it a seamless part of your creative toolkit.

Stay tuned for further updates and learn how Linearity Move can become an integral part of your business’s success story.

Linearity Team


I’m excited for linearity move. Follow along with my tutorial Redirecting...

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