Mock-up generator?

Linearity Curve first off is hands down my favorite vector program! :blush:
I am wondering if Linearity would consider adding a mock-up generator? I am tired of having to pay for a ton of different services as a freelancer. I know Canva has this ability but I do not like Canva and I am already having to pay another service to get them. Just something I was thinking about. I know Linearity is always improving and coming out with so many great things already :heart: like the thousands of free pre-made templates.

Hey @Dom thank you so much for the feedback! We’re super glad you are enjoying Linearity Curve.

As for mock-ups, this feedback is now with our templates team and hopefully they can work on introducing more alternates in the near future. In the meantime, I recommend keeping an eye on our templates section for new options.

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