Upcoming pricing update on Feb 15

Hello Linearity Community,

Back in December, we shared news about the upcoming changes to Linearity’s pricing. Now that Linearity Move is here, we’re ready to share more about what you’ll see next month.

We believe in being transparent and sincere. We want to continue to bring you new features and improvements to our revolutionary design software for as long as possible. We are a team of over 80 people, constantly pushing the envelope to deliver more value to you.

In order to continue making the Linearity Suite the best that it can be, on February 15th, 2024, we’ll launch our new subscription tiers: Linearity Starter, Linearity Pro, and Linearity Org. There’s an option for everyone, whether you’re a hobbyist, a professional designer, or a large-scale enterprise.

All plans give you access to both Linearity Curve and Linearity Move. They are designed to work together, so all our plans let you use our whole software suite.

So, what do these updates mean for you, a Linearity user? Here’s a summary:

The Starter plan is free but limits the number of files.

The free Starter plan lets everyone try out our software and supports new creators and hobbyists in their non-commercial projects.

With the Starter plan, you can have up to six files: Three in Linearity Curve, and three in Linearity Move.

If you’re already using Linearity and have more than three existing files, don’t worry. If you are over the limit, you’ll still be able to access and edit all your existing files, however you won’t be able to create new ones unless you move to a higher plan.

Current users won’t be moved to a paid plan automatically.

If you’re already using Linearity Curve and Move, you’ll start on the Starter plan when the February 15th update happens. We won’t switch you to a paid plan unless you choose to.

There’s a special offer for a limited time that you can keep forever.

As a thank-you for being with us, we’re offering a limited-time discount.

You can save 20% on our yearly Linearity Pro plan, bringing the price down from $119/year to just $96/year. This gives you unlimited access to both Linearity Curve and Linearity Move for an effective monthly price of only $7.99.

This offer is available for you to claim today. If you subscribe now, you’ll automatically get the full functionality of Linearity Pro when we launch our pricing update on February 15th: Claim your discount here.

Remember: Make sure to sign up with the same email you use for your Linearity account.

The mandatory update will happen on February 15, 2024.

To make sure everything works smoothly and your files stay safe with new updates and features, the update on February 15th is required to keep using the software.

A big thank you from us.

We’re really thankful for your support and thrilled to keep providing you with easy-to-use, powerful design software for a long time to come.

Have Questions or Need Further Clarification?

We’re here to help! If you have any questions about the upcoming changes or need more information, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Thank you for being a part of Linearity community!

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Is “mandatory” mandatory in the sense that Linearity will refuse to support prior versions, or that all users will be forcibly updated?

Also, what about these grayed-out features in the PRO plan? Why are they grayed-out and will they become part of the PRO plan or added at extra cost?

  • Up to 8k video export
  • Unlimited collaborators
  • Sharing permissions
  • Advanced commenting (video & audio)
  • Advanced templates & animation presets
  • Image Generation

Hey @till ! Thanks for your question. These features won’t be available on launch day but are coming to Linearity Pro soon, hence they are grayed out right now. Our team is hard at work building them as we speak. They will be included in the price of Linearity Pro, at no additional upcharge. I will take your feedback and see if we can make that page a bit clearer worded. Thanks for reaching out!

Thanks for the clarification!

Just a “On our roadmap, to be included:” or something like that should suffice :slight_smile:

Hi @llui85 , if you’re using applications with Linearity account, we’ll be asking to upgrade to the latest version to ensure usability and prevent compatibility issues.

I’ll be snagging my discount. I’m 100% in support of linearity. The team works hard and create a free app. This takes time and resources. the new brand name should’ve had more thought especially from an seo standpoint, a not competing with math tutors. Other than that linearity has my full support


Is the only option to pay an annual one? Even without the discount I don’t mind to pay, but I prefer a monthly subscription not annual on my end. I’m only seeing an annual subscription.,

Ok, I payed today. Since I use this program (and vectornator) almost from the beginning in 2017 and made hundreds of drawings and illustrations with It, I thought why not pay at once.

I used my creditcard to pay. I prefer Ideal but maybe that’s only available in the Netherlands.

Since I have a business I need an invoice for my administration. Where can I find this? Will you email it?

Greetings from Holland.
Stef Ringoot

The discount is only available on the yearly plan…… ugh.

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Hey there @Procreaters! You will also be able to subscribe to Linearity Pro on a monthly basis. The promotional discount, however, is only available if you choose the annual plan. You will be able to subscribe to the monthly plan starting February 15th from within Linearity Curve and Linearity Move.

@StefRingoot Hey there! You should receive an email with a link to your invoice after subscribing. If this does not happen automatically for some reason, you can reach out to our support and we will provide you with the invoice.

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Ah ok. That’s fine

If we haven’t updated on February 15th will the app become unusable/locked? If we don’t use Linearity Move does that mean we only get to have 3 files at a time on the free plan?
Lastly- is the discount for annual Pro only active for today, or do we have a longer period of time (if so,how long?) to decide?

I haven’t received an email … should I wait unt the 15th of February to contact support?

From the wording of their message, I imagine any version of Curve since v5.2.0 (the first release to include Linearity Cloud) will no longer be able to synchronise with LinCloud servers. It’s unclear whether offline editing will still work after this date, or if you’d be completely blocked from using Curve until updating + payment.

To me, the message reads fairly clearly as only 3 documents for Curve - I don’t think the quota would combine (i.e 4 Curve documents and 2 Move documents probably wouldn’t work). Not sure about your third question, I think they mean that the intro offer is valid until the 15th.

@Nadya Please correct me if I’m wrong about any of this.

hi stef, should be with you now! let me know if not.

I am attempting to claim this Pro offer now, in the UK, and it’s showing as £96 GBP, instead of what should equate to around £75.20 GBP(?)

I received the invoice. Thanks.

Greetings from Holland