Upcoming pricing update on Feb 15

Is the subscription gonna be available by App Store or payment gonna be with special website ?

HI @liambrazier I understand your concern about the pricing difference. The Linearity Pro plan is indeed available for $96. However, the variation in the price you’re seeing in GBP is due to fees and taxes associated with currency conversion and payment processing.

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Hey @Sumrsnow @llui85, Sorry for the delay in getting back to you, but let’s dive into your questions and clear things up!

After February 15th, you’ll see a message suggesting an upgrade, and you can choose to update via the AppStore or just close the application.

Regarding your question about file limits, you’re right: on the Starter plan, you can have up to 3 files in Linearity Move and 3 in Linearity Curve, but they’re separate. So, no mixing and matching like 4+2, just 3 files for each application. You can stay under the cap of 3 files to continue using Linearity for free.

And about the discount for the annual Linearity Pro plan, our intro offer will be around for a bit longer, giving you some time to decide.

Hope that helps clear things up! If you’ve got more questions, just let me know.

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Great question! Our subscriptions will be available directly through the App Store.

Thank you for the extra information. It helped a lot. I paid for the subscription on 2/9/24 but haven’t received a confirmation email/invoice from Linearity yet. Is there something I need to do to get one? Thanks!

Hey @Sumrsnow , thank you! About not getting a confirmation email or invoice, let’s get this fixed. Normally, you’d get an email from us right after paying. If it’s missing, could you send an email over to billing@linearity.io? Please also add to the message the billing email address you used to pay, and I’ll dive into what’s going on.

Hey all, here’s a quick update following our initial announcement about the upcoming pricing plans.

We wanted to let you know that our new pricing plans are set to launch on February 22, as opposed to February 15. This adjustment was made to ensure all our users have ample time to adapt to the changes.

I am in absolute disbelief

How? I still see only year plan

@Mashabr , monthly subscription will be available directly within the application very soon. Please keep an eye out for application updates. Thanks for your patience!

hi Mashabr, the monthly plan can also be subscribed from here: Stripe Checkout