Vectornator's Rebrand to Linearity Curve: Who’s idea was this?

What is going on in marketing?

I understand that some changes are necessary to keep things fresh and appealing, but the new name, Linearity Curve, leaves me scratching my head. If the intention was to simplify the name to broaden appeal and scope, they’ve done the exact opposite. In fact, it’s even more of a mouthful than the original! Now we’re up to 5 syllables for the brand and 6 if you count the app itself.

My students have been using Vectornator in their daily design projects, and while the app’s functionality remains fantastic, the cumbersome new name has had some interesting results I just wanted to pass along. Instead of embracing it, they’ve resorted to calling it the “pen app” just to avoid struggling with the long-winded name. This not only undermines the effort put into the rebranding but also creates confusion when trying to differentiate between various apps in their conversations.

Moreover, the branding emphasizes “Linearity,” but the app itself is simply called “Curve” on our iPads. This inconsistency adds unnecessary complexity when trying to locate the app or communicate whether we mean the app, or the function of using the pen tool to create a curve. It’s an extra step that is both frustrating and time-consuming, especially in an educational setting where efficiency matters.

As if the naming issue wasn’t enough, finding relevant tutorials has just become almost impossible. . In the past, searching for Vectornator tutorials yielded plenty of results catering specifically to our app. However, with the rebrand, we now have to contend with the generic term “Curve,” leading to search results flooded with tutorials for 3D blender, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Inkscape and literally every other vector based software with bigger user base than us. It’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack, and honestly, there’s no way we are going to out SEO giants like adobe and autodesk this early into Linearity’s growth stage.

Consider this common scenario: A student wants to know how to duplicate a shape or create a straight edge in the app. Before, they could search for “How to duplicate a shape in Vectornator” or “Creating a straight edge in Vectornator,” and they’d find what they needed. Now, with the name change, even simple queries like “How to duplicate a shape in Curve” will become drowned in irrelevant results from other software even once we start growing our user-generated tutorial ecosystem.

Like….try it.
“How do I align a text in curve?”
“How do I make a straight edge in curve?”
“How do I stop a pen tool from making a curve in curve?”

I appreciate that the company may have had reasons for the rebrand, but I can’t help but feel like they haven’t fully considered the impact on their marketability and userbase. A change like this should have improved our experience, not made it more challenging.

Obviously the rollout already happened and there’s no reverting it, so just wanted to put out another data point from a large educational institutional group and communicate that vectornator has become “pen app” in our local vernacular.

It also would’ve been great to get literally any sort of warning. I don’t know if anyone else lost projects that were in the mid process but when I sat down to my computer this afternoon, Vectornator was just gone. Just, the app was gone. My work is gone. And then I open my email and see “YAY! Welcome to this new thing that no one warned you about you didn’t ask for and this is why your hours and hours of work just completely ceased to exist!”

Really not cool. And there’s nothing I can do. I am not pumped.


Hi @PenAppTeacher and @dawnjones thank you both for taking the time to share your feedback. It’s greatly appreciated and we can understand how a significant change like this might look on your end.

We are continuously investing into discovery, ease of access, SEO and more importantly, educational resources. We have quite a lot of videos and tutorials in the pipeline that will see daylight very soon.

As for the naming choice, Linearity has always been our main company name. We strongly believe in the correlations between our product naming and our root name and we are more than happy to be open about such changes. You can read all about it here on our blog post by our CEO.

Thank you both again!

But why u used already existed apps name and even style of their logo? Just google Curve



Totally agree

I saw the new app on my iPad this morning (July 28/23). I opened it up and tried to get into one of my drawings, any of them really and all it does is crash. I tried to make a new file and it crashed again. I have the second newest and largest of the pro series iPads, so I. Don’t understand why I can’t get into any of my old drawings or start new ones. This is the most BS thing I’ve ever encountered with a rebrand. And one we didn’t ask for and with the dumbest name possible. Amazing I hate it so much.


Hi @MidoriMentality, thank you for your feedback. We’re very sorry about the issues and we want to assure you that it is being addressed at highest priority as we speak.

Unfortunately there is always a risk running a beta operating system, however we have identified the root cause and an update is already on its way with Linearity Curve 5.1.0.

In the meantime, we recommend using Linearity Curve on a device which doesn’t run on a beta operating system or backing up your files before using iOS17 and MacOS Sonoma Beta to prevent any future issues and data loss.

Thank you for your patience,

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Just passing info along. Got word we are being told to swap to Illustrator for iOS for the rest of the semester and going forward since we already have campus adobe licenses.

If anyone wants a copy/overview of my old vectornator 7th and 9th grade design and engineering course, let me know. You’d just need to update it with the new branding and remake the screen/shots/videos if you want the logos to match.

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Hard agree.
The emphasis on linearty is fine, since i know a new app is in production. But perhaps renaming curve back to “vectornator” would be a wise choice. Especially until Linearty produces more apps.
Adobe flash(now animate) can get away with this, as adobe is a VERY established name. Search results for adobe animate link back to relevant resources.

I understand that this is likely still early days for Linearity in general, but “vectornator” was previously known as being the best free vector based app available for iPad, and its a shame that it didnt reach the same popularity as procreate to be honest!
Building on from vectornators success seems like the more obvious choice.
But i guess we will just see how things pan out.

More resources created by Linearity for “Curve” would definately be helpful in directing search traffic, but currently the templates are quite lacking, especially when resources like canva offer so much. (Templates for social media are very over done, why not have templates for things that vector based work can shine, such as logos, billboards, posters/print and packaging?)

Crossing my fingers for the new app, hoping it offers something more than what is already out there in the app world in regards to “motion design”


Hi @Enixy thank you so much for pitching in and the comments on the success of Vectornator!

We are indeed putting in a lot more efforts on educational content for Linearity Curve. We also have been hosting monthly events with hands-on sections to showcase things live as well.

Lastly when it comes to templates, it is a new initiative from us and we intend on expanding the library swiftly. To hear more about our take on templates, I’d recommend joining our event next week with our Templates Lead, Nastya Rybak!

The new branding strategy does seem quite risky. “Vectornator” was a bit of a mouthful but was a distinct identity that was steadily gaining traction. “Curve” is much more difficult to search for. Interestingly the Curve branding places a heavy emphasis on social media design and branding - the new App Store “screenshots” (no true screenshots are shown anymore) no longer focus on art as the previous screenshots did, and are very much targeted towards marketing teams now rather than illustrators.

Additionally “Curve”, as well as being a very common term has a scientific meaning when combined with “Linearity” that is very clear when you look at the Google image results:

If you look at :link: the recent Producthunt launch, the Linearity Curve announcement received 29 upvotes. That’s not a lot, particularly considering that :link: their joke April fool announcement from 2021 received 279 upvotes. It’ll be an interesting case to watch.

On a similar note, would it be possibly to add a “Vectornator” keyword to Curve for searching? (or at least “Vector”). I’ve lost track of the number of times I’ve hit CMD+Space, “Vectorn⌫⌫⌫⌫⌫⌫⌫⌫Cu”. It would also be useful to clarify in the App Store description the former name of the app (“Linearity Curve (formerly Vectornator) is a rev…”.

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Hi @llui85 thank you for joining the conversation. As mentioned in the thread above, this is a starting point and we are continuously investing into discovery, further educational resources, community events and this will take its time to settle.

I would say the illustration aspect still very much exists and in our core. To the extent that we very recently had an event on branded illustration libraries. Our new focus is marketing teams indeed, but this does not mean we are neglecting everything else.

As for naming and keeping Vectornator added, I think we see it as a transition phase and will soon move forward.

Finally, about Product Hunt, we have noticed that a product release was published a day after our original and we haven’t really put anything behind it as things are still very fresh. We will be re-launching there with a full fledged campaign and engagement opportunities in the coming weeks!

Thank you so much for your input and support,

I’m glad I checked the user forum about the change. It confirms my own feeling that this rollout has been handled so poorly in so many ways.

Honestly, the whole thing seems like the results of a decision to confuse and discourage home/non-commercial users so that you can focus solely on the professional corporate design piece. I’m sure that wasn’t the aim, but that’s how it came off to me when I was trying to figure out exactly what you were trying to sell.

No use enumerating my complaints—I agree with all of the critical assessments in this thread, including objecting to the crazy concept that we won’t be able to store our files locally. Maybe I’ve misunderstood this—but that seems to be the understanding of other posters.

You should be able to make a lot of money for all of your efforts. I don’t agree with the idea that apps with such sophisticated functionality should be cheap. I am very willing to pay a premium one-time fee for Linearity Curve, or whatever you’re calling the basic vector app, and be able to take advantage of updates and other support.


I think I understand how the change affects those of us who paid for Vectornator. As a retired teacher, I was chagrined when Adobe CS5 stopped working when I got a new Mac. Then I discovered Vectornator, and I have been very happy again. Mostly, I’m just designing birthday cards and fantasy maps for our own use at home. I really don’t want to pay a monthly fee, so I was alarmed with the change. But there are comments here that reassure me.

Hey @Ragnar and @Jaredo thank you both for joining the conversation and giving your valuable feedback.

We had a similar discussion on this topic and I tried to get back to all the questions, concerns. I’d recommend giving it a read in case you haven’t already.

In regards to our new mission statement, yes, it is our goal to prove and establish Linearity products as industry standard within bigger teams which will in time give us the resources to build on top of what we already offer.

However, this by no means, says we are giving up on individuals. Not at all. If anything, we have been much more proactive in our comms, events and things we offer to our community. We are more than grateful for all the love and support we’ve received through the years and we only want to give back more than ever to our beloved community.

Hope this gives more clarity in terms of our approach and goals! I’m here for any further questions you might have.

Disasterous naming for search results! Absolutely a company shooting itself in the foot here.


Well it’s Google and Apple finally making it possible either name is ok I think vector format is more accurate

If you spell it with a “K” and translate in Croatian… :rofl:

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Haven’t had a need for Vectornator recently but some app called Linearty Curve just launched in response to a vector file I had set for Vectornator to open… took a bit of reading to figure out who seemingly forced a new app to appear on my machine.

As a design professional of several decades I can clearly state, this is absurd… my files appear to be unopenable in the app that I used to create them? WTF?

Did a search and found this thread and keep reading the same rep state repeatedly across all of these threads, “The company is doing what is best for itself.” “The company will hold all your source files because it want’s to charge for that.” and “The company would like you to understand it wants to do this so you’ll have to get used to it or get lost.”

Yikes, folks… welcome to the new world where you have to rent your tools to make a living and then be extorted to even access the files you created.

Linearty, “Extorting the line between you and the things you create.”