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I want to first say thank you for creating a wonderful product that helped me grow as an illustrator and produce as a creative. For many years, I wanted to learn vector illustration, but I became intimidated by the daunting task of learning a complex software like Adobe Illustrator. When I first found Vectornator (now Linearity Curve), I felt as though I found a happy-medium where I could spend less time learning and more time designing. That was four years ago.

As I look back, I realize how much I’ve grown. I developed a routine understanding of illustration tools and principles; I recognized the software’s capabilities and limitations; and I produced a rhythm around that, adapting to create for clients. While I am grateful, I am saddened because today, I realized this journey (relationship) has come to an end.

When you all announced the subscription based program, I was a bit surprised and let down. Surprised because the features offered weren’t and still aren’t premium enough to justify payment. And let down for two reasons: I am now forced to pay for a subscription and to export my projects (projects I’ve had for 4 years). Now I’m brought right back to the place I was four years ago—should I bite the bullet and learn Adobe or not.

In many ways I feel foolish for making the initial decision to use Vectornator. I realize I made a huge mistake which has cost me something more valuable than money, my time. I know it’s unorthodox to give the thesis at the end, but I wrote this to let you know I am thankful for what I’ve learned, and I am also disappointed by the way I’ve been treated. Nevertheless, despite how I feel, I believe we will both go our separate ways and still find success.

Lastly, If there is one piece of feedback I could leave you with, I’d say keep your customers happy at all cost. When you do that, you create customer loyalty which in turn will create longevity for your business.

Thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts.

I wish you all well in the future.

Humble Regards,


Dear @winfordmdesigns,

Thank you so much for sharing your journey and feedback with us. We are deeply touched by your story and grateful that Linearity Curve played a part in your growth as an illustrator. Your words truly resonate with us.

We understand how disappointing it can be to face changes that affect your creative process. Our decision to introduce a subscription model was essential to sustain and enhance our software. Our aim is to continually improve Linearity, delivering new features and better performance for all our users.

We recognize that Adobe is a major player in the industry, and while we strive to offer a competitive alternative, our goal is to create a software that balances affordability with powerful features, and we are constantly working to strike that balance.

To show our appreciation for your support over the years, we’d like to offer you a special discount on our Pro plan. You can get 50% off the first year of our yearly plan, reducing the price from $99 to $49. We hope this makes the transition more accessible for you and allows you to continue using the tools you love without any limitations. Let us know if you’re interested.

We want to ensure that you get the most out of Linearity Curve. The Pro plan includes numerous benefits, such as unlimited files and artboards, high-quality exports, priority support, full access to Linearity Move and access to premium features. We are also committed to adding more features and improvements based on user feedback, including yours.

We apologize if our communication regarding these changes was not as transparent as it should have been.

Thank you again for your heartfelt message and for being part of our journey. We wish you all the best and hope to have the opportunity to continue supporting your creative work.

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