Add skew/distort feature to tranform object

Hey, I’m new to Vectornator and I LOVE THIS APP SO MUCH. I used to study graphic design and used a lot of Ai but have not touch it for years, coming back to it, there’s too many options and tools that are convoluted and confusing, makes working frustrating for me. Vectornator’s UI are really simple, intuitive and fluid. I can do my work half as quickly than using Ai.
Recently I got a job creating isometric vector assets, and before using Vectornator I’ve been using Ai’s Skew tool to distort my flat design to “project” it to the wall so to speak, easing up the process rather than designing thing right on the isometric grid, which can be difficult/full of effort.
I really wish Vectornator would add some short of skew/distort feature to transforming objects thankyou :heart: I love you guys, you’re all so AWESOME

Yes it is one feature that I miss. Many times I’ve needed to squash a shape and give a flat shape some perspective and depth. I do hope it will be on the developers list of features.


This is related to

Has this been added yet? :sweat_smile:

I stepped away from Vectornator :laughing: frustrated waiting for this feature. I come back to do some work in Linearity, ready to face the little hurdles, still a great app if you know the little quirks.

I think it is a must have feature too.

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