Vectornator to Linearity Curve... What is this transition?

Really guys? In front of my birthday? On July 27? You guys suddenly renamed the app like all of a sudden on my birthday? I appreciate the new UI design but come on now, Vectornator was a nice name, why change it?

Also, what’s with the subscription pricing? So, the paid tiers are just all about AI functionality? Are you guys going to force us (as users) to buy a subscription? It’s already usable for everyone and everybody to use Vectornator, why put it on a subscription? What is that even for?

I use Vectornator for like a year and I used this app to trace out my sketches to linearts and make graphic design for fun… are you guys becoming to be like Adobe where everything is paywalled?

Hi @philvee727 first off happy birthday and even happier returns!

Linearity has always been our main company name. We strongly believe in the correlations between our product naming and our root name and we are more than happy to be open about such changes. You can read all about it here on our blog post by our CEO.

As for pricing, the core features you have as of today will remain the same and we have no plans of forcing anyone to buy a subscription. You will always be able to use all our tools for free.

We have ambitious goals and we believe our products offer solutions suited for bigger teams, companies as well. This rebranding and our new focus paves the way to reach those goals, have the resources to continuously support our beloved team but more importantly, keep working on new, exciting features.

All being said, we are planning to be even closer to our community than ever. We are hosting monthly events and have multiple community initiatives in the pipeline that all center around peer to peer learning experience and put spotlight on your valuable efforts.

Thank you!

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Hello @Medet

It seems like I understand where it is going now… thank you so much for the clarification and I appreciate for the birthday wishes haha :laughing:

And please I beg you not to paywall other important features in the near future :frowning: Vectornator (Linearity) is only one I’m used to create graphic designs either it’s a hobby or a project that I love to spend time with

Thank you and have a great day there, goodnight :heart: