For the Love of all that is holy in the world of Design tools!

I have been using Vectornator for many years, and have all but completely changed my workflow from Illustrator to Vectornator, because…it was amazing!

When Curve was released, I was initially excited about the prospect of a development push to make Curve a true competitor to the Adobe Cloud, although I started to get an uneasy feeling when the word subscription was mentioned for the first time.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate subscriptions as much as most people do…I am a firm believer of supporting the developers who provide us with the tools that we use to earn our living, because companies that take their development serious, need to rely on a quantifiable monthly income/budget as much as I need to be able to rely on repeat business from my clients. I am willing to pay for that, no problem there.

But when a company starts to replace a perfectly working solution with another one that essentially binds you to them without the option to keep your files local, then a line is crossed that not only disappoints me, but makes me angry. I went from being an evangelist for the amazing solution that Vectornator and the first versions of Curve were, to explaining to everyone what an intrusion and scheme stands behind such a switch and bate.

I can’t just switch after years and years of dedicating my time to learning and creating design assets with Vectornator. I am angry about this decision that was made without consulting with your customers and design community. We made you!

Adobe has shown what can happen when you turn a great product into a product that you can only subscribe to and that binds its customers to a system that is an ecosystem. It’s hard to survive in an industry in which a system is so established that an agency that I do work for/with will laugh when I send them a .curve file. Let’s face it: Vectornator’s strength was that it stood on it’s own, that you could create professional work on your Mac and an iPad, on the train or plain, and be creative offline and online.

To force us to use your cloud is a proposition that I find insulting. And to act like it’s our choice to just use something else, adds injury to insult. What if we were invested in your file format, and are legally bound to keep the docs we work on local?

I really don’t understand why you, a company that was within an inch of becoming a true Adobe Illustrator killer, would insult its community with this lame proposition of “we can only do what we’re about to do by forcing you to your own happiness of what’s to come”.

NO, that is not an option to put the people in front of that relied on you, have supported YOU to become who you now are. Even Adobe have had the decency to stop short of forcing people to use their cloud, and I am sure that it was not because they thought that they couldn’t provide their users with the features and innovation they stand for.

I implore you to go within yourselves and do what is right. I, for one, am willing to pay you the subscription fees that you need to keep this rocket-train rocketing forward, but do NOT try to force me to upload my sometimes sensitive, always precious design assets to your cloud. Unacceptable!

In the meantime, thank you for an amazing few years of truly inspiring development work and a vision that is within an inch of giving pause to Adobe. I would truly love to remain on-board and be part of this revolution of a design David toppling a Goliath that I would just love to support less and less.

Keep up the great work, and huddle around a fire to figure this out.

Hello @till ,

Thank you for the wholehearted comments and your concerns raised. I believe most of them were already addressed. Again, I completely understand your frustration and how this might effect your decision to keep using Linearity products or not. The company’s taken a decision and unfortunately we won’t be reverting this action.

I’d like to remind you that I have been personally getting back to hundreds and hundreds of comments on this forum around the same topic for the past months and I can assure you that we do address your concerns but at the same time, there’s not much else we can do other than stating facts and decisions taken.

Many thanks and I’m happy to take on any further questions you might have!

Just because you keep “addressing” the concerns by repeating the same answer over and over, doesn’t make the concern/issue go away, Medet.

I will not give up asking the same question over and over until Linearity comes to its senses, or starts giving reasons that actually make sense.

You’re obviously a nice and hard-working guy, but I am not doing this to annoy or disrespect you, but because I speak for thousands of others who are also in utter disbelief about your irrational reasoning.

“Because it’ll be better for you” is not an option, if there is no other option. It is obvious that Linearity doesn’t care enough about these concerns to address them in a way that makes rational sense (leaving the option for local file storage active, rather than spending the time to remove it), to come up with something better than “sorry folks, we decided and there’s nothing you can do about it, other than to leave”…and that is very upsetting, disrespectful, and insulting.