Objective lines.

Hello? I am from a quark express dazes and I did learn quite a bit of Photoshop. All for desktop.

Objective lines r guidelines yes. But they r for u to see. And your final product does not show these lines.

What Photoshop does inna roundabout way is objective lines or guidelines if u want a curve it’s random how u can use a curve tool and such designs.

I am using an iOS iPad air.
With an apple pencil.

Decided to make account with vectornator because I feel I may need need to use another app for how I would recreate 30% of an image.


how I would design sum architectural structural design. Idk if I would do mechanical drawings. (( My weakest point. )) No auto cad experience. Just tabletop drawing old school. ))

Finding such videos on designing with curve like. Or doing… gradient fills with curve lines. Alot of this I just need a couple points in the right direction.

Hi there @Mr.derrti,

It seems like you are interested in using guidelines which are nonprinting. The good news is that Vectornator’s guides work in this way! Once you export your design, you will see in the preview that any guides (ruler lines, shapes etc.) have disappeared.

You can learn more about guides here.

Please let me know if there were any other tools or functionalities that you’re missing from Vectornator which I can help you with!


Thank you for your response.

I did a play with attempting to do architectural style work. I was semi - successfull.
I was able to draw a borderline over the size paper I wanted and I fine tuned and adjusted both the borderlines I created and the paper.

buuuuuuuut win I decided to had txt as a label.

It was a bit confusing the text box I had very lil control.

soooooo I do get my use of Vectornator is not widely use of txt.
More wanna paint vector shapes in to images. And design awesomeness. As vector paintings.

But this was not the only thang attempting my hang up on just doing a border.

The simplest to transfer over and carry from multiple different projects if I change. How I can self improve on my design.

Well, I have study what I want a bit more. I would typically do a transform tool for how I would stretch my lines in the right place.

But but work with 1 line at a time until I could group layers work as it should.


My person advises to check for yourself the comments I make on your rival competition.
Why??? Sooo how else “can u guys improve” on what the competition is doing. Just my 2 cents.


I did not know before I got this beta acct. I would be able for free to use a sketchbook I assume I had tested all the free options for design the way I wanted. But this auto desk…… sketch…. Book, idk!!! SMH it did sum of the same similar thangs u guys r doing with Vectornator

This is what I liked…. A str8 line ruler with no measurements on it. Because it moved. Ahhhhhhhh tablet was stationary. And double tap on this str8 line I was in heaven. Because the protractor was not just an elliptical shape to transform. I could draw the curve design. And use the protractor like I was on a tabletop drawing instead on an iPad with an Apple Pencil.

My addition for Vectornator…… why does the ruler have a str8 edge to draw from but no markings. Could not we get a architect scale???

This would flippin’ dope!!! Think about it.

Mechanical drawing with such scale instead of a regular ruler. Digital. On iPad.

Just a dope concept because the templates for outside landscape I use free fonts and free brushes. I have not found bathroom templates. But I won’t give up!!!

I just don’t see why I should use sum of these other monthly subscription apps. Thank you

Hi there @Mr.derrti,

Unfortunately I am struggling to understand the exact feedback you are providing or to separate bug reports from feature requests.

If you notice that anything is not working as it should, for example the text tool as you mention, please kindly provide a screen recording of the incident so that our team can investigate the problem.

With regard to adding rulers to your work, this can be easily done by opening file → Settings → Preferences → Canvas → View → toggle Rulers on. You can also adjust the unit of measurement from opening file → Settings → Preferences → Document → Units.

I understand that you are interested in using Vectornator for mechanical/architectural drawing, although that is not the explicit use of the app, many creative users have found excellent workarounds to achieve their desired results. Other users have also requested specific tools within this forum which would help them in their work, which I would recommend that you upvote if you are also interested in their suggestion.

One final note is that Vectornator is not a subscription based app. The software is entirely free to use and what you are experiencing is not a limited trial phase, it is the full capacity of the application :slight_smile:


Hi @Mr.derrti, did you mean “perspective” lines rather than “objective”?

A perspective grid [or guidelines] option (in addition to the current Perpendicular and Isometric grid options) might be a useful feature for a variety of illustration.

Might be considerable work for the development team because there is more variation than the existing grids. (Need to set the perspective points for 1-point, 2-point, and possibly 3-point perspective.)