help my Vectornator looks nothing like on line

My Vectornator looks nothing like what is on the help page. I am trying to do a design with out line text and I cant get it to work

Hi @Christi-Lyn and welcome to Vectornator Forum. On which device do you use Vectornator? And what is the Vectornator version?

I am using a Mac 12.01 the only down load was Vectonator

There are 2 ways to create outlines from text. In the short video I sho you only one way. You should consult the Vectornator Guide for Mac.
Take a look at the Outlines From Text - Vectornator Learning Hub

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I am trying to put a white outline around the name

A outline like this?

how it is in this design this is from a different app but that one doesn’t tell me how big the design is. I print them off and put them on shirts

This is what my app looks like nothing like what I saw online

In Vectornator you can’t do this in a quick way because don’t support a double border of text. But you can do it in a different way. You should custom each characters like a shape and adjust the border stroke how you want.

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You can also use Align Tool to ease the alignment of each character.
Vectornator Tutorial - Align Objects