Text Direction Feature

Before talking about topic, vectornator is getting better for real, I am so happy using it and it is really comfortable to use now but one thing makes it uncomfortable.

Since I am an Arabian I need to write in Arabic, Vectornator allows that but…

I can’t use JUSTIFY feature with Arabic since Arabic language direction is from right to left unlike english

When I use JUSTIFY on Arabic on Vectornator:

While this text should be look like this:

Which is not easy to do in vectornator, I spend alot of time justifying it manually so designing text is really hard.

So my suggestion to add TEXT DIRECTION FEATURE

Thanks for listening for my old suggestions, I hope you guys make this happen as fast as possible.

Hi @n4bi thank you for the feature request and your lovely feedback.

While I can’t promise any timing, this is now with the team and I hope they will be able to prioritise this in the coming months.

Thank you!

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