Awesome App! But…

I am an old user of Sketchbook Designer. But I have been away from drawing since those days. I came back after buying an iPad Pro and was really disappointed by what happened to it. It is a shadow of what it was. I bounced around looking for something like it. Used Procreate among them. Nothing comes close. But now I found Vectornator. It is an great tool! I am so glad I found it. But I still have to take the finished drawing into the remnants of Sketchbook to do some detail work. If I could combine Vectornator and Sketchbook Pro… we wold be close to what Sketchbook Designer was. But I will be hanging around and making suggestions because you have something good going here! And I love using Vectornator!


Note: copy and paste works fairly well between many iPad graphics apps, so you can readily copy and paster between Vectornator and Sketchbook Pro, or Vectornator and Procreate (which hides a surprising amount of functionality under a minimal interface).

Thus you can fairly easily do pencil rough sketching in Sketchbook or Procreate, copy that pencil work over to Vectornator to create vector line art or base shapes, then copy those vector lines or shapes back to Sketchbook or Procreate to add details, textures, grain, and/or shading.

True. Good suggestions. Thanks! But I don’t sketch. Which is why I miss the vector tools in the old Sketchbook.