Vectornator or Procreate for this type of drawing?

If you open Pages on an iPad and then select the Photo Book landscape template, you’ll see a drawing on the cover. I’ve purchased Vectornator but not used it yet. So, please tell me if it can do the textures in this drawing. I’m assuming it can do the lines, including their parallel curves, but I’m not sure if it can do the textures. Or is this the wrong tool for the job? Would Procreate be a better choice for a drawing of this type?

Thanks in advance!


Hi @JohnE1 what kind of texture do you want design? Can you explain me an example?

Thanks for getting back to me so quick! I saved the image from the cover of the Apple Pages template, “Photo Book”. I opened it in iPad Photos and cropped it down in size. Then I imported it into Vectornator. I guess that answers my question. I have a lot of learning to do to be competent with Vectornator. Thanks again, Lorenzo!


I am happy you found the solution😜
Anyway you can crop an image in Vectornator too. You can use the masking tool. I suggest you to take a look at Masking - Leanring Hub
I attached you an example of masking tool.

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Great. Thank you!

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