Vectornator has become sluggish

Been using Vectornator for several months but recently it has become sluggish. Thought it might be the file size so I created new files. The sluggishness persists. Every action makes the spinning wheel start. Tried restarting and the problem continues. Any ideas or suggestions?

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Hey there @ptervin and welcome to the Community Forum!

We’re very sorry to hear about the lagging that you’ve been experiencing lately in Vectornator but are happy to share that the team is aware of this issue and currently working on a resolution! Please stay tuned for a future update in which this problem will be resolved :slight_smile:


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I’ve noticed this too. It bombs sometimes after being sluggish while adjusting nodes. iPad version.

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Thanks for your response. I’ll look forward to the update.

Sorry to have started my Community Forum membership with a problem. Hope I can offer some supporting help in the future.

Same here. Just started trying it but its so slow.