General usability feedback

Hi Vectornator team,

my name is Claas Kuhnen - I am a design professor at Wayne State.
I follow the development of Vectornator since it came out first and from time to time install it and test it again to see how far it could be useable as a presentation / layouting tool.

I also run our iPad program for which Vectornator would be so ideal.

I said would be because after three weeks of intensive testing of various use cases
also on my mac I still feel this product is very buggy and struggles.

Speed is an issue.
Glitches with things disappearing - I have to hit undo to make them show up again.
I have files not being able to be open now on the mac but iPad !!!
The Vectornator to AI export is terrible - text are one liners !!!

I really would like to promote this product more. I did it two years ago during covid and the student feedback was not great. I hoped now it would be better but before giving it to students I tested it myself first.

I know this is not a great to hear negative criticism but I feel it is valuable.

Hi there @cekuhnen,

Thank you very much for taking the time to put together such thorough comments, it truly is indispensable to us. As Vectornator is continuously evolving, every piece of feedback offers the chance to learn and improve - something we’re very grateful for.

Regarding the specific issues raised in your post, we have reached out to you privately to discuss them further as we would like to resolve them wherever possible. When you get a moment, please check your inbox :slight_smile: