Help us improve Vectornator, and win a HomePod Mini!

Hello Vectornators! :wave:

I’m Medet. I am pleased to introduce myself as Linearity’s Community and Events Manager. I joined the team in January, and we have a lot of great stuff cooking in the kitchen for you.

I look forward to getting to know and working with you. To get things kick-started with a nice little surprise, I invite you to share your issues with us and get a chance to win an Apple HomePod Mini. :star_struck:

We’ve been busy working on some exciting new things, and we wanted to include you in the process of making your favorite tool even better!

We want to find out the issues that disrupt your workflow the most and start working on them. Your feedback will help us identify any glitches and fix them quickly. Tell us all about it in the replies or email us directly at

Here’s what we’ll need from you:

  • A reproducible issue you can walk us through with screenshots
  • Your device model
  • iOS / MacOS version
  • Vectornator version
  • (Optional but very nice to have) A video of the issue you are encountering. And that’s it!

We will be doing a raffle from the submissions to pick three lucky winners on 19 April so keep an eye on your inbox.

Thank you and good luck! :wink:

will you be doing this software/app for windows at all???
as a person that doesnt have a mac desktop or laptop, it would be amazing to have, so i can use my wacom, and use a bit of a bigger screen

as much as i love my ipad, i do like using my laptop and my wacom tablet screen, i find it great and fun to use, im sure in time i will get better at using this app, plus i hope it stays free :crossed_fingers:t4::crossed_fingers:t4::crossed_fingers:t4::crossed_fingers:t4:

thanks :v:t4::blue_heart: