Random Bugs Mac OS and IOS 🐞

I love Vectornator but it has so much bugs. Please fix it. I can’t work in this way. I’d like work on a stable program, please. I believe the Vectornator team should focus on code refactoring.
On my iPhone I have also lost all my projects cause of bug.
Vectornator it is NOT a stable app.
Thanks advanced Lorenzo.

Mac OS Big Sur 11.6.1 Intel CPU
Vectornator 4.5.1

iPhone IOS 15.2
Vectornator 4.5.1

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Partial duplicate of: https://forum.linearity.io/t/the-file-could-not-be-read-because-it-is-not-in-the-correct-format/

Thank you @llui85 i had already read the post. The reason of my post is to spur Vectornator Team to do better and resolve once and for all the bugs.

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Hi @Lorenzo,

We are very sorry to hear you have faced all these issues. I will pass on your feedback to our team.
May I ask to provide us with the file where the error message appeared? You can share it here or email us at support@vectornator.io with a link to this Forum post.

Could you tell us more about the problem with lost projects on your iPhone? I would be grateful for any details provided so that I can forward them to the QA team.

Please stay in touch, we want to help.

Thank you @Oksana, Vectornator has a great potential and I hope it will be more powerful and stable in the future.
Link of file corrupted.

Thanks advanced to all Vectornator Team.

Hi @lorenzo i am agree with you. I’d like to use an app without all these bugs.

Thanks for you support.

Thanks @Lorenzo! Your file has been forwarded to our QA team. We will continue to work on improving Vectornator.
Please stay tuned.


Thank you @Oksana. I hope they can fix all bugs. However I need to open the corrupted file…

Hi @Lorenzo :wave: I have already passed on the file and asked for help. As soon as I get an answer from our developers, I will let you know.

Thank you @Oksana :blush:

Hey @Lorenzo ,
Please check the File and let us know if you still experience the same issue :wink:

Thank you a lot of @Oksana and Vectornator Team, now I can open the file again. The Vectornator support is really excellent.

Glad to help :blush:
Did you download the file? I can disable the file sharing so no one else can access you project.

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Yes thank you. I downloaded the file. I attach a short video to report another bug. The pipe cursor of text box has a strange shape and it is uncomfortable while I type because i can’t see the current position. This bug is only on Mac version.
Mac OS Big Sur 11.6.1 Intel CPU
Vectornator 4.5.1


Thanks for reporting another bug. I have already created a ticket and notified the QA team. I will let you know as soon as I get any news.


Thank you :pray:t2:

Suddenly I found this bug. I can’t delete the shapes.


Wow, this is so weird :exploding_head: Can I ask to provide us with this file?

Hi @Oksana, I fixed the bug when I close the app.

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