It keeps crashing :(

Hello Vectornator team!
Hope you’re all well.
So I’m having major crashing since day one on iPad Pro.
I just had the whole color positioning of a complicated flat sketch changed out of nowhere and even if I press “back”forever it rearranged back. That was a first, but usually the app doesn’t save my latest changes, or just stops working and I loose part of my work.
Sometimes is just a random white circle that stays on the screen and nothing else happens, but lately the crashes are getting unbearable to work with.
Can anyone help me out?
Thanks in advance

Hi there @BiancaGoldoni,

So sorry to hear about the issues you’ve encountered while using Vectornator! I’d be happy to log a ticket regarding this right away but would need the crash reports generated by these incidents in order to do so.

Please forward any relevant crash reports, screen recordings, files etc. to us at and I’ll send them to the team as soon as possible.

Kind regards,