Very sluggish UI - other issues prohibiting me teaching it

Vectornator Is sluggish with 3 imported screenshots

Also on a different file with a few 512x512px images the pen tool is sluggish when sketching over the images

Using the pen to write text is borderline unusable - compared to Concepts where it is very fluid.

Vectornator feels like it has serious ui refresh rate issues compared to illustrator or affinity - in contrast to what you claim on your website

I was looking into teaching Vectornator but at this moment it is not really usable

For example guides cannot be precision positioned
Snapping often still is not precise when
There are no text styles !!!
A layer mask is crucial
Flow between text frames

I really the ui and simplicity in using the app and wish it would offer those missing tools to make it more suitable for my student needs.

I have the same issue. On my M2 iPad Pro 11", it feels very smooth for most activities but trying to draw with a pencil 2 is infuriating. I was trying to use the line tool to draw guides in one layer so that I could lay out a shape with even spacing to create a pattern. It was so infuriating, trying to precisely grab just the end of the line with the tip of the pencil, but instead making a new line, that I switched to my mac pro (which has a 6900XT). The UI was jittering and sluggish with my single color vector shape on the screen (replicated just a few times), that I just quit for the night. I had high hopes to using this app since it’s cross-platform, but now I don’t know.