Unable to sign in on Mac

I am unable to sign in on the app for Mac. I can sign in on my iPad via Google just fine, but nothing happens when I click on “Continue with Google.” I am unable to access my files from my iPad due to this.

Hi @B_Fett thank you for flagging this. We are indeed aware of login issues from time to time but we aren’t able to reproduce it on our end.

Would you be able to send us diagnostics so that we can take a deeper look and hopefully identify the root issue?

If you go to Linearity Curve, then directly on the top nav Help->Export Diagnostic Logs that should create the log for you. And you can just attach it on your response here.

Thank you so much!

Thank you for looking into this.

diagnostic-files.zip (1.6 MB)

Right after I replied with the diagnostic log files, I updated the app to the version released 3 days ago. Now when I open Curve, it goes straight to the sign up/log in screen, and won’t let me get to the Home Screen. It still doesn’t do anything when I click “continue with Google,” and now I can’t open any of my projects. Even when I try to open a .curve file from Finder, the screen flashes like it opens, then immediately closes it, and goes back to the sign in. I tried to export another diagnostic log file, but it won’t build one, it doesn’t do anything.

Hey @B_Fett thank you for the diagnostics. We are working on the fix for Google sign-in but I do have a workaround for you:

  • If you hit Forgot password on your iPad and then reset your password, you should be able to log in with your newly assigned details.

Let me know if this works.