I can't access anything anymore

since the update I can’t get rid of the sign in screen. I tried opening files from finder, from the menu / open and menu / open recent items but they just go back to the login screen. I don’t want to use the cloud, just my files as i have been for years. The update is broken, please fix asap, i want to get back to my work


Hey @yarns I’m very sorry to hear about this. I can understand how this might be frustrating but I’m here to help you get them back.

Were you using your Apple ID for login before? Once you sign in, you should be able to access everything. At the moment, working on files without signing in is not possible. You can read all about the migration phase as well as the FAQs here.

Lastly, if you are experiencing a loss of data, this would be a different case. However, we found out that often times these files were moved to “On My Device” and “Files” folders as well as recovered files listed out under App Library.

Let me know if these help and thank you for your patience!

I was also unable to do anything with any of my dozens of .curve files until I grudgingly signed up for Linearity Cloud. I absolutely don’t need another cloud storage location, and I’m perfectly happy with a non-collaborative version of Curve. As someone was saying on another thread, I would be fine with paying for the software, either on the old-style perpetual-with-upgrade-for-major-versions model or a subscription. And if that subsidizes the cloud features along with development of the apps, I’m fine with it! But let me just open a local file and save it locally without having to sign in. Jeez. Gonna be really annoying if I have to find yet another vector app to migrate all my files to.


I have groups that I had my files in. By forcing me to migrate them, I no longer have these neat, organized groups and now related files are scattered everywhere. This is a horrible system and I’m extremely upset. One problem gets fixed but 10 others are made. I cannot understand why the team is breaking with doesn’t need fixed.

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I also cannot access anything since I downloaded 5.2.2: When I try to open files I get a message that “The open file operation failed to connect to the open and save panel service.” When I try “Open Recent”, the file appears briefly in a window of its own, for a fraction of a second, then disappears. These behaviors repeat every time.

I also created a Linearity Cloud account, but it was no help: My missing files were not in the cloud or on my mac (using the buttons on the Linearity Cloud window to investigate).

I have since deleted the Linearity Cloud account: I have no use whatsoever for cloud storage, I wish to keep all my files locally on my Macintosh so that I can make backups via Time Machine or simply by hand-copying. It is easy to move files from one Mac to another via my local network when necessary. (I only use Curve on Macs, not on, e.g., iPads.)

I don’t much care whether you provide your app as a one-time purchase or a subscription, but if it requires cloud storage, then Linearity Curve is worthless to me and I will delete it. Furthermore, if the app does not allow me to access files that I have previously created and saved locally, it clearly isn’t good for much in any case.

EDIT added: I was able to restore an earlier version of Linearity Curve from a Time Machine backup – version 5.1.2 – and that version was able to read my “Missing” files just fine, with no use of Linearity Cloud required. I believe this demonstrates that whatever problem I mentioned before the edit was specific to Linearity 5.2.2 – my files are still there, it is just that Linearity’s software was unable to find them to read and also unable to find them to move to the cloud.


Thanks @JayFreeman @Porg and @yonatron for chiming in. I’m very much aware how this whole process must be making you feel. Rest assured, we are looking into how we can make such transition phases much smoother for you and taking these as important learnings.

can you send me the 5.1.2 app package? my time machine iz on wifi and i keep forgetting to switch from ethernet occasionally to backup. it’s really annoying.

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Thanks for costing me everything.
I have spent 8 months working on a project on this program, then I just ran an update and now I can’t access anything. I have no idea how to get anything back it’s all just locked up now. shoulda just went with ai but I actually like the layout of this better. but anyways thanks cost me about $30,000 if I can’t get that stuff back or access it to be exported into another program. but also the time ill never get back. I wouldn’t trust this company anymore if I were any of you. it clearly does not care for the users it had and just wants to rip people off by making an update to steal all our files and hold them ransom or something.


I’m truly sorry to hear about the distress and inconvenience this update has caused you.

Please, could you reach out to our support team at support@linearity.io with some screenshots of what you’re seeing on your end? We’re keen to understand exactly what’s happened and explore possible way to help you regain access to your work.

It’s important to note that with our latest update, files moved from local storage are considered as new creations, which could be why they appear locked under the Starter plan file limit. We’re here to help you through this and find a solution.

Again, I’m really sorry for the stress this has caused. We value each and every one of our users and your trust is important to us. Let’s try to sort this out together.