Can’t Log-in or Create a new account

This update made everything completely useless.

Tried to contact support and was sent here.

Linearity doesn’t recognize my email.

Linearity wont let me create a new account if my old account isn’t an option. It states there is no account with my email. Yet I can’t create a new account.

Same here.
Cannot use my Vectornator Log In.
Cannot Log In using Google.
Cannot create a New Account.

Strangely being directed to this Forum, I was able Log In by creating an Account.
The system would not allow me to use my existing Gmail eMail Address.
I used the ‘Hide my Address’ feature, so elaborate that I was ready to completely pull the plug on LC.

I trust there is good reason for requiring twoLog Ins’ for LC, although I will not be convinced unless there is a good argument regarding the perceived NEED for duplication.

Please sort this problem promptly, thank you.

Following today’s update, 2023-08-03, the situation remains the same.
My next attempt to Create an account for Curve will be my last.
If Linearity cannot sort out this problem, I am not prepared to wait any longer.
I do not want to make this move. But I must move on.

I removed using TrashMe3.
After reinstalling I am still unable to create and account to Log In.

Hi @Lora-Ohm and @Gelphyn thank you for your feedback. This issue is still under investigation and the team is working on it as we speak.

The latest update focused on iOS 17 and MacOS Sonoma Beta issues and the log-in/account creation is still only available through Apple or Google. We’re sorry to see you go but I can assure you that the team has been working hard on it. Sadly some issues take longer than others.

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