Not working curve for ipados17

Curve for iPadOS 17 not working.
Lütfen bu problemi çözün çünkü çalışmalarımı yapamıyorum.


it’s not working either on iOS 17, the app completely crashes while trying to open or create a project


Yes you are so right. Unfortunately that’s the case

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I’m having the same issue. Critical work that I have spent almost a year on is completely unavailable to me now and it is having a major impact on my life. This is insane. Do they not understand how much you invest in an app when you trust it with your most important work? How would they be so casual to role out a major change when they know so many people are on one of the betas and that people depend on this app to be reliable. The old version of the app worked just fine on the beta, but the new one doesn’t somehow. My god, what a mistake I made trusting this app and this company to be consistent. Never regretted it before now, but the very real impact this is having on my life is something I can’t ignore or avoid.

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Hi @Zeynalx and @mattsrn and thank you both for sharing your feedback. We’re very sorry about the issues and we want to assure you that it is being addressed at highest priority as we speak.

Unfortunately there is always a risk running a beta operating system, however we have identified the root cause and an update is already on its way with Linearity Curve 5.1.0.

In the meantime, we recommend using Linearity Curve on a device which doesn’t run on a beta operating system or backing up your files before using iOS17 and MacOS Sonoma Beta to prevent any future issues and data loss.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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Same here although i made it worse by deleting the app and reinstalling to see if that would solve the problem, nope and I lost my templates.

Also I’m not too happy about the pricing $ 10/month, I don’t want to pay a subscription, Affinity has reasonable one time purchase although I had to pay to upgrade recently it still better than a subscription.

I’m a casual designer most of the time with intermittent pro work so this does not work for me, ill continue with the free version for now, if I need the Pro version later ill weigh up the options between Crurve and Affinity, when it works on iPad OS 17 that is.

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Hi @AWT, thank you for chiming in and sharing your valuable feedback.

I can reassure you that our free plan will always remain there and with both Linearity Curve and Linearity Move. We are also working on exciting community initiatives to offer our users even more flexibility within their free plan. So watch this space! :wink:

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Hey everyone! We now have Linearity Curve 5.0.1 live and have resolved the issue completely! You can keep using Linearity Curve after this small update!

Thanks again for your patience :raised_hands:

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