New Ipad os update on 7/27 is crashing

After downloading the new update the iOS iPad app is crashing after clicking on any stock project or to start a new one,

Hey there @scottleew! Could you confirm for me which version of iPadOS you are using? Thank you!

The same thing is happening to me. I have no access to any of my work and it is absolutely terrifying. Every time I open any project in the new app it just crashes. I have depended on this app for my most important work for more than a year now. This is a disaster. I emailed them and got told they may be a while responding. I’m on the public beta of iOS 17. If there was a problem with that, they should not have forced this update, or should have warned people in advance. The old app worked just fine on the OS, but the new one doesn’t?! The impact this is having on my life is profound. Everything rests on my ability to access this work, and I can’t even get an actual response.

The same thing is happening to me too. I am on IOS 17 public beta and I am unable to open any documents or create new ones. App crashes with no error message

Hey everyone! We now have Linearity Curve 5.0.1 live and have resolved the issue completely! You can keep using Linearity Curve after this small update!

Thanks again for your patience :raised_hands: