App crash when login on Mac

Hi everyone,
today I started curves and tried to log in, first in the app you can’t register. It says it does and sends you the verification code, but if you try to log in online, it says you are not registered.

After I figured that out; registered on the website and started the app again, it crashes immediately if I put in my login data and click on login.

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Hey @Manuel, sorry to hear about the login troubles. I’d love to assist you with this. Could you please send us an email at We’ll work together to get this sorted out and I might need a few details from you (e.g. crash report, etc.). Thanks a bunch for your patience!

When will Linearity realize that it is generating more and more dissatisfied and disengaged users with its unfinished cloud?
You apologize… sorry, no user has any use for that!

@user9999 We’re doing our best to make it work for everyone, but we know the cloud solution may not suit everyone. However, as I mentioned in another topic, it’s a step we believe in.