Rotating. Generally

Hi All.

I got V only recently and I am trying to make my way through it.

I’ve been struggling to get my head around rotating objects. I completely don’t understand how to use it and where the angle of rotation comes from. For example: I draw an object and then want to rotate it, say 90dg. When I try to do that the angle is somehow wild/ meaningless and when I get to 90dg shown, it doesn’t look anywhere near where the object should be.

Also, is there any way to turn on snapping for picking up the pivot point? What I have noted so far with vector apps for iPad, is that they tend to lack precision - and that’s most vividly experienced with rotating.

I would be grateful for some extra bit of help, beyond what’s in the app’s documentation. If you are aware of any good tutorial on the topic, I would appreciate some direction. many thanks in advance guys.

Hey @PanGad,

You can use the rotation joystick on the Arrange tab to enter the exact value.

For more information about Snapping, visit this page: Settings | Vectornator Learn

And check out our YouTube channel: Here you can find many helpful tutorials.
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Hey Oksana. Unfortunately, if I move the origin of rotation, say outside the object’s box, for example to distribute holes or spokes in a wheel, the entered angular value still only rotates the object in it’s box centre. If I drag however, the object correctly rotates around the moved origin.

Further, since the angular key-in option exists, it would be extraordinary awesome with seed-functionality (edit the original, and all copied seeds change the same - could’t find it.).

An angular and distance measuring tool would also be in handy.

I didn’t know that feature was even there and it will be very useful. Thanks!