Feedback from using Vectornator on iPad

I have used Vectornator for a couple of months now, all on iPad. I have the following feedback from my initial experience. Overall, I am having a good experience. However, I find that there are some impediments, which, if removed, could speed up my workflow. Below is my feedback.

  1. GUI
    The feature to adjust the node type and the feature to delete/add a note are miles apart. You have to scroll up/down a lot to do both. In my view, they should be be together in one section since they are logically similar. More often than not, I use both.

Moreover, I found that in the process of unwanted scrolling up and down, I sometimes end up accidentally changing the blur or the width.

  1. Objects with a layer
    Vectornator allows copying a layer. However, copying a particular object within a layer is not available. This should be available. Currently, I use a workaround. I create the copy of a layer by duplicating it. Then I delete the unwanted objects from the duplicated layer and just keep the ones I want. However, if duplicating an object is available, then it will save time.

  2. Presettings before creating an object
    Let’s say I wanted a certain amount of blur in a new object I am going to create. I am unable to do that proactively. The feature to set the blur is greyed out until I have created an object. In other words, I can set the blur retrospectively not proactively.

  3. Gradient is irreversible
    This is probably a bug. If I change a solid color to gradient, and then want to reverse it (undo), I find that I cannot. Pressing undo icon does not work for gradient. So I end up with an unwanted gradient for an object color fill. I find that I have to start all over again.

Hope this feedback is of value.

Thanks !