Be able to enter x,y coordinates of chosen nodes

I have been using Vectornator a lot to make clip art. To make the shapes exact in size and location, I have been manually entering the width and height information (sometimes with using the pen stylus, I may be 0.001 to 0.002 inches off), as well as the x,y coordinates. Sometimes with moving specific nodes on one path to line up with another path, the nodes seem to jump and skip around so I may be .01 to .02 imxhes off. This occurs even with the snap to guide function. I would love to be able to just enter the x and y coordinates of the node chosen (or position of the top left node I if several nodes are chosen) To easily and quickly fine tune the placement of individual nodes.

Hi @StnMtn I receder a short video for you. I hope It can be useful.

Thanks for your reply. I just tried that on my iPad. It does move the node sometimes .01 inches, but sometimes skips by .02 inches. When I tried it out on some previous works, some nodes are at about 1.001 inch or 1.002 inches x location, and not at 1.01 or 1.02 inches location. So for now, I guess I have to be satisfied with close enough. Except for aligning the top Left node which I can just choose the entire object and enter exact x,y positions to the exact .001 accuracy.

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Maybe it is a bug. Have you the last version installed on your iPad?

I do have the latest version. Maybe I am too anal. Because to be off by .003 inch is not too bad. I would be happy if I can get things to be accurate to the nearest .001 inch easily.