Nodes/points don’t snap to guides??

Hey guys, I’m coming from using Inkscape, and I need a vector program to use on my iPad Pro, so I’m trying out vectornator. It seems that you can’t snap points to guides. Surely this is not the case… right? Doesn’t matter how much I move a point around a guide, even with all the snap settings on, it won’t snap. Is this normal or a bug?


Hi @bmoc / Hugh!
Seems to be a bug introduced in the latest release.

The Vectornator team have it under investigation, and it’s also being discussed in this thread:

Oh, thanks so much for your reply, I overlooked that thread because it was about snapping to grid. Seems like all sorts of snapping issues. Well, this is good news at least because my impressions of the software so far are very positive, and when this is fixed it should be great for my workflow!

Thank you!

Well, I’m hoping it’s the same problem :smiley: - node snapping to … anything.

Hi @bmoc,

many thanks for your patience. Our QA team just confirmed that today/tomorrow we are going to release the update 4.4.4 with a fix to the snapping bug you have reported.
Please let us know if you still experience any issues after updating to 4.4.4

Many thanks and all the best,
Your Vectornator Team

(More info in this thread)

A big thank you to the team for making this a priority! :clap:

Point snapping is so incredibly useful for many illustrations.
All working again (point snapping to the grid, guides, smart guides, edges, and points). :partying_face:

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Snapping to points? Haven’t been able to do that, I think, but maybe I am doing something wrong. Possibly requires turning all other snapping off? Have had issues with activating too many snapping options before.

Hey @shushustorm,
With the Snap to Points option enabled, your objects will snap their paths to your objects’ end points on the canvas.

Hey @Oksana
It does work now! Thanks for pointing out! That’s great!