Snap to guides is not working

Hello, im on my iPad PRO 2021 and for some reason snap to guides function is not workign though it is turned on. What could be the problem? Thanks in advance!

Hi @Lukas123,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention - I’ve passed this on to our QA team to investigate. In the meantime as a workaround, you can successfully snap to guides after creating your shape.


Can not snap nodes to guides. Even after creating a shape.

iPad Air 2020

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Hi @user53, thanks for letting us know. The team is on it!

Hi folks,

Snap to guides has been fixed so please check out the latest update 4.7.2 available for both macOS and iOS and give it a spin :slight_smile:

Thank you all for your feedback and patience on this matter!

Thanks for the fix guys! Snapping nodes and handles to guides is working great again here. One thing I noticed, not sure if this is a feature or not. It seems there are invisible guides for horizontal center and vertical center lines.

iPad Air 2020
Vectornator 4.7.2