Is there a way to have guides snap to the grid?

I would like to create guides that are all aligned to the grid, but cannot find a way to do this - they seem to ignore the snap settings that apply to shapes.

Hi @invertedworld and welcome to Vectornator Forum. If you have activated the correct parameter and it doesn’t work maybe it is a bug.
Many people have found this bug in the past - Snap to grid Bug.
I advice you to update Vectornator to the last version in which this bug is fixed.

Hi Iorenzo, thanks for your message.

Shapes are snapping to the grid correctly, but guides are not. Are you able to get guides to snap to the grid?

I have the latest version downloaded from the Mac App Store.


Sorry I didn’t understand, Yes I can snap to the grid the guides.

Hi together,

@lorenzo many thanks for your support!!

@invertedworld, please update Vectornator to the latest version 4.5
All recent snapping bugs should be fixed with version 4.5 - if you are still experiencing this issue, please let us know and we will try our best to fix it.


Hi Vivi.

I have updated to version 4.5 but still having the same problem.

Here is a video showing how shapes snap to the grid but guides do not.

I’am sorry @invertedworld but you can’t snap to grid the Vertical or Horizontal guides from ruler.

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Thanks for the clarification.

I would like to suggest this as a feature. In Illustrator I use this function all the time to lay out my designs

Ok I understood, however you can draw a line guide and extend it to the edges.

Thanks, that is a good workaround although more time consuming I think.

To tell the truth it’s not that bad.