Snap to Grid not working

Hi all,

Found this bug while trying to snap my vector points to a grid intersection. I have enabled both the “Show Grid” as well as the “Snap to Grid” options in the “View” menu - as you can see in the attached video. It worked before, but after the last update in the macOS Appstore, it stopped functioning.

Hope that you can fix this as soon as possible, since it is a very useful functionality.


  • Vectornator: 4.4.3 (739)
  • macOS: Big Sur 11.2


(Schermopname 2021-12-01 om 19.45.39)

Hey @mart,

I have notified our QA team about this issue, we will do our best to fix it as soon as possible.
Stay tuned for updates!


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yeah no snapping at all working - royal failure when demoing this live to my design class during layouting demos.

no snap option works

M1 macMini - latest OS and App

Hi @mart and @cekuhnen,

many thanks for your patience. Our QA team just confirmed that today/tomorrow we are going to release the update 4.4.4 with a fix to the snapping bug you have reported.
Please let us know if you still experience any issues after updating to 4.4.4

Many thanks and all the best,
Your Vectornator Team

(More info in this thread)

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