4.12.1 issues with snapping and multi-select?

I may be crazy but it seems some things randomly changed between a few days ago and today, and I noticed my app updated to 4.12.1 today.
For example, when I go to draw a selection box around an object or objects, it used to set one corner of the box where i start with the pencil, and then expand the box out from there where I move it. Now It seems to set the center of the box where I start and moves all edges out from there.
Additionally, in the node selection tool, I quite clearly have multi select OFF, but it is forcibly selecting multiple nodes - I have to manually tap each one to de-select, where it used to just select the one I tap on and deselect any others.
Finally, any attempt to manipulate node handles seems to be forcibly snapped to 45 degree angles. I have all snapping options turned off and this is still happening. Plus when I move one handle the other handle moves in the opposite direction - didn’t used to do this.

I really don’t think I changed a setting to cause these things to happen, but if what I’m describing sounds like intended behavior, please let me know what settings might be causing it so I can turn it off and return to how I was using the app.

Thanks for any help you can provide!

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I also have this problem and it is very annoying/frustrating. I’m glad i’m not the only one, i thought i was going mad or i changed some setting accidentally. The app pretty much unusable at the moment.
I’ve never had problems with vectornator before but this glitch with the node selection is very annoying. Please fix it vectornator…

Do also have problems with the snapping, it seems to me that after this update the multi-select on the node tool is always on as you described. But i also have a problem that everything weirdly snaps. So when i move nodes they snap to a certain place. Also when rotating something it also snaps to approximately 90° i think. Do you also have this problem or is it just the multi-select node glitch for you?

I hope it gets fixed soon so i can peacefully return to using vectornator normally as before.

@Sco after some searching it seems someone already posted this same problem it is a post from January 5th so i hope the problem gets fixed fast. I’ll link that post below:

Hey there @Sco,

Thanks for sharing these details!

We currently have a ticket to investigate the multi-select issue you’ve described and I’ll be sure to notify you with any updates on the matter.

Regarding the snapping issue, this should only happen if you have two fingers down on the screen while adjusting your node. If this is not the case, then kindly inform me of your device details (model and OS) and forward a screen recording of the incident and I’d be happy to log a ticket.