Snapping to a grid and drawing intersection

I’m new to Vectornator and I just want to snap the yellow point to the edge where my blue circle and the grid intersect. How do I do this?

Turn on Snap to Egdes and/or Snap to Points.

I’ve done that but the yellow point just drags along the grid edge and the circles edge when I get close to the intersection point. It never fully snaps to that intersection.

You won’t be able to snap to the intersection like that. Disable Snap to Grid and you should get better results. You can also temporarily add a node at the intersection yourself and use Snap to Points.

Ya but how would I snap the node exactly to that intersection? It’s not working without the lines of the node warping the edge of my circle when I drag the node to that intersection.

You could adjust the grid spacing or translate the paths so the intersection lands on a grid intersection. With the setup you have in your screenshot there is no way to snap to that intersection. The snapping functionality is super limited.