Question about rulers and double tap :-)

Hi guys,

I’m new using Vectornator and it look like a wonderfull and a powerfull tool, but I’m strugling at some point.

Most of my work is geometrical drawing and I like to use rulers. I found the way to display them and move them around but I can’t set them with values as I would like to have them very accuratly.

I try to select them and going to the parameter to enter values but I can do any action on it I can’t even keep them selected.

I’ve seen some tutorials on youtube and it seem possible to do it because the guys is doing it but doesn’t work on my app.

The thing is most of the video I see people own Ipad pro + Pencil 2 generation. I’ve only an regular Ipad (9th genration) and a pencil 1. Do have less possibilities and limitation on the app due to my gear ?

I’ve seen that I don’t have the double tap option due to my pencil 1st genration.
Do do it without is that a double tap with the finger ?


Hi @Micka and welcome to the Vectornator community :wave:

Regarding rulers, we don’t currently offer the capacity to set the value of your rulers but we will take note of this request. In the meantime, as a workaround, I can propose that you create your desired rulers within Guides by using the Line shape. This line’s position on the X and Y axis can be specified using the Arrange tab in the Inspector Bar and its visibility can be toggled on/off as shown in the attached video.

Vectornator should work perfectly on your iPad, however, unfortunately the double tap feature is limited to the 2nd generation Apple Pencil only. Your pencil should work just fine otherwise, only this function should be affected.

If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask!


Hi @Helen thanks for the welcoming into the vectornator community and for your answer :-).
I start to get a bit more familiar with the app but I recon that it could be really cool to have setting and rotation on the guide I’m use to work a lot with them in illustrator by the past, maybe next update.

I’ve actually some more question :

What is vectornator X.2 I’ve seen a tutorial on it and on google it say that it’s an update but I can’t find it.

And is it possible to work in symetry with the app ? Doing something and it automaticly duplicate on the other side ?


Hi @Micka
I believe at one stage Vectornator was temporarily renamed Vectornator X, X was used mostly for what could have been versions 2.6 (although X was a significant change from 2.5) to various version 3 releases, so X.2 is probably the equivalent of version 3.2. See the changelog

However, with version 4.0, it’s changed back to single-word Vectornator (which I’ll admit is easier to use in both writing and search engines). The current version at the time of writing this is 4.7.2

Rather than ruler-based guides, you can use line segments, or indeed any shapes, in the Guides “layer”, which can be placed, rotated, scaled, aligned, distributed, etc, with precision. Great for sophisticated layouts.

No live symmetry at the moment (it might become easier if or when Vectornator implements symbols), but it’s relatively quick to select, duplicate, and flip.