Pencil Tool Creating Line on First Touch

I have been working on a drawing for several days without this issue, and just today, when I attempt to use the pencil tool, anytime I touch it to the surface, it creates a line from somewhere off-screen to where I touched.

I have tried restarting the app and the ipad. I have also created a new file, and it seems to be working correctly in the new file. Is this a bug, or is there a setting I don’t know about that is creating a line from some point?



Hi @Indyfilm,

welcome to the community. We’re sorry to hear that the pencil tool isn’t working properly. To dive deeper into this issue we need a few more information. What iPad and version are you using? What Vectornator version are you using? May I ask you to provide us with the file and a full-screen recording of the behavior? When doing the screen recording please turn “Show touches” on. This would be extremely helpful for us. You can either upload it here or send it to us via mail at

Thanks and all the best,

Hi Vivi,

Thanks for the reply. I sent a link to the e-mail address. Here’s the
IPad version: iPad Pro 12.9” 3rd gen
iPad OS 14.8.1
Vectornator version: 4.4.3



this is happening to me too. creating a new art board works sometimes. other times it just keeps happening.

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I have the same problem! IPadOS 15.1 .

Hi together,

thank you all for raising this issue. Our QA team is already looking into the problem. As soon as I have more information and hopefully a quick solution for you, I’ll let you know!


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I’ve been having the same issue so I’m looking forward to hearing an update on a resolution.

Hi together,

today, we released our 4.5 Vectornator Update. Besides amazing new features such as the Color Widget, we also fixed your reported bug.

Please update Vectornator to the current 4.5 version and let us know if you still experience any issues.

Many thanks and enjoy creating.
Your Vectornator Team