Any shapes I draw don’t show up, even on export.

The title says it all. If I draw a shape using the shape tool it remains invisible no matter how thick the stroke line or color etc. it shows in the layer, and when selected it is highlighted, but not visible. Doesn’t matter if I move it to the top of the layer. If I pinch to zoom, it shows up for as long as my fingers are on the screen, then disappears again. This makes the app unusable for what I do, and this is the only app that I want to use, so I hope there is a solution soon.

Thank you.

Hey @mattsrn ,

welcome to the Vectornator forum.

Can you maybe provide a screen recording of the issue so we can try to reproduce it?
In addition please also share your Vectornator version as well as the operating system you’re using.



I’m having the same problem. May I try making a screen recording as you requested?


Hi there @Pdxjeff,

Yes, please forward a screen recording of this issue along with confirmation of your device and Vectornator OS versions so that we can take a look at this for you :slight_smile:


Thanks Helen. Per your suggestion I’ve attached a video showing my Vectornator version and what happens when I attempt to create shapes. FYI I’m using an iPad 11 pro. My pencil is not an apple brand.

hi @Pdxjeff
Could you try going into Settings > Input and make sure the Draw only with pencil switch is OFF.

Most third-party styluses use the iPad’s finger or mouse simulation, not Apple Pencil simulation (only exception I know: Logitech Crayon), so that needs to be off.

Matsrn, have you check if the blend mode is to normal and at 100%?, I know it’s a bit silly
but once it happen to me :laughing: greetings.