Touching the iPad screen, then a new node appears.

I think this is the most annoying bug of Vectornator since update 4.8 on iPad.

When I use the pen tool, after I create a new curve (or shape) and I unexpectedly touch to iPad screen, a new node appeared. It’s problem when I use my muscle memory to create another shapes and I stick to the unexpected curve.

I uninstall and re-install, but this issue still occurs.

Hi there @campzzz,

Sorry to hear about this issue you’re experiencing. While we look into improved palm rejection, perhaps it would be helpful to switch to draw only with pencil by opening your document → settings → preferences → input → draw only with pencil. This should help to minimise the occurrence of unwanted nodes alongside the practise of deselecting the Pen Tool after each use.


I have this problem too. I have ‘draw only with pencil’ on but if I press the screen with one finger it creates a new point. If I am using the pen tool and want to move the canvas with two fingers it is very difficult to do without creating the extra point. You have to be very exact in touching the screen with two fingers. It’s very annoying. :frowning: Why would you even want to create an extra point with a finger press? :man_shrugging:

Thank you for the reply, Helen.

I enable “draw only with pencil” and it doesn’t work. The new node unexpectedly create when I touch only 1 touch point. It usually happen when I zoom the canvas with 2 fingers, but if I touch with 1 touch point, the new node appears.

Please fix this ASAP. Because Vectornator is my main vector apps. I create many beautiful artworks because of this.

@campzzz and @psychrome thanks so much for elaborating on the issue, I’ll be sure to log a ticket to investigate this matter.

One final thing, would you mind confirming your device model and OS alongside your Vectornator version? These may be contributing factors so they’re important details to have in mind.


Sure, I am using an iPad Pro (12.9-inch) (2nd generation) with OS 15.5. My Vectornator is 4.10.4. I also get weird behaviour when I try to close a path, the last section of the line disappears. If I hit undo it reappears. :man_shrugging: Thanks.

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I believe this is the same bug I am experiencing; I complete a shape then pinch to zoom in or out and a new node appears at the end point of the last drawn shape. Cancelling this new shape being drawn makes the Pen tool unresponsive until switching away and back from another tool.