Pen tool not working how i expected

Can anyone help explain when i place my first node using the pen tool . When i select my node type then place my second node, My node type begins to change randomly as i continue my work flow. If anyone can help thank you for your feedback as i am new here.

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Hi @Alpha365, I can suggest you to try using gesture combos to change your path’s curves while drawing with the Pen Tool. You can find more info here: Pen Tool | Vectornator Learn.

In addition, we are sharing a lot of hacks and how-tos on our YouTube channel: Check out in case you’re interested.


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Hi @Alpha365, the node type selection icons don’t change the ongoing pen drawing mode, it only changes the currently active/selected node(s) - when drawing, you would need to keep clicking the node type icons to change the last node you just added.

The way you move the pen changes the node type as you put it down (and, on an iPad, the extra finger/s you put on the screen while dragging, be careful of palm and other hand touches. I suspect on a Mac it will be Shift and other modifier keys instead of fingers, but don’t have access to my Mini to check right now).

Single tap (or mouse click) and release for a sharp (single) node (remember: Single tap, Sharp), touch/click and (without releasing) drag for a symmetrical (mirrored) node (remember: Drag to Direct the curve). See @Oksana’s first link for more control options with extra fingers (or possibly accidental hand touches).
See also The Pen Tool | Vectornator Blog

Tap or touch-and-drag is standard behaviour for the pen tool in vector apps (both iOS and desktop).


Hey! The pen tool also confused me beyond belief (and still does). I’m also a beginner and I’m still getting the hang of it, but this video was the one that really “clicked” for me. I now know how to use it to make basic things!


Interesting video, thanks.

The restricted use of vertical and horizontal handle alignments is a new approach to me, I’ve always used tangents (aligned to the curve itself) at what I consider the defining points of a curve.

In lettering (which has a strong element of vertical and horizontal design), that might tend towards the vertical and horizontal, but it’s certainly not the thought behind how I’d approach a curve.

Understanding the pen tool - I think of it as pliers and wire, and the node handles define the smoothness of the wire at a particular point where you manipulate it with the pliers.

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Thank you all for the help and support! Already loving the culture here!