Pen Tool bug where entire shapes shift randomly and nodes disappear

For the last few versions of Curve (iPad version - I don’t recall exactly when the issue arose) I am getting a major bug as I’m working at apparently sporadic times.

From what I can gather I will be drawing a closed shape and a node will come out as curved instead of straight so I’ll double-tap it to switch and then the entire shape will suddenly jump across the canvas 100px or something. If I click again it seems to jump back OR another shape will also move, or the node I added will have gone completely. And undoing does weird stuff too so certainly a bug.

The only way to fix is to stop, quit back to the gallery and reopen I think. Is this a known issue?

Hey again @liambrazier , I appreciate you bringing this to our attention.

We’d definitely like to dive deeper into this to understand what’s causing these unexpected behavior. It’d be incredibly helpful if there’s a chance you could capture this on a screen recording when it occurs and send it our way. This could provide valuable insights for our development team as they investigate further.

Your patience and cooperation mean a lot, and I’ll ensure this gets the attention it needs for resolution.

It’s a tough one to capture as I can’t work out what triggers it. Here’s a bit of video during the issue.

Thanks for sharing the video snippet; it definitely helps shed some light on the issue. These types of problems can indeed be tricky to pin down.

If possible, could you also provide any source file where you observed similar behavior?

It’s been on every piece I’ve worked on. I’ll try and capture more footage as it’s quite common. On 2018 12.9” iPad Pro.

Same thing happens on my iPad Pro.

Hey @Laura , thank you for sharing that you’re experiencing this.

In order to help us investigate and address the issue more effectively, it would be immensely helpful if you could provide us with the source file that demonstrates the behavior.

Your assistance in this matter is greatly appreciated!