Nodes randomly moving and glitching

I’ve been having constant issues with this app when what the video shows happens every time I’m adjusting node positions. Whenever I try to curve a node, another node gets curved without my control and causes the shape to glitch out of place then back to normal for a second. It’s been happening for every patch this app has gotten and still there hasn’t been a fix for this issue. It’s been preventing me from finishing my work every time it happens.


Hi there @XenArtist,

Would you mind confirming your OS and Vectornator version?

It may also be helpful if you could please forward us the original .vectornator file so that the team can further investigate the file’s settings to see if that is contributing to the issue. Feel free to send this information to me via DM or via


iPadOS 16.5
App Ver 4.13.6

This has been happening since iPadOS 15. I was hoping after every app version patch it would be fixed but it hasn’t.

Sent the files via email

New Vectornator file and latest version of the app still making the same glitches I’ve been having for a while.

Same problem for me, please fix