Significant glitch that won’t undo

I have been refining some work I had and all of the sudden, when i was combining some shapes, several unrelated objects got moved and distorted. I tried to undo my way through it, but as I did, the nodes and objects I intended to adjust were undoing while the glitched elements remained. This happened earlier this evening and I was able to undo my way out of it after exiting to the gallery. It didn’t this time and I can’t find a way to get back to where I was.

Hi there @Udelorotha,

So sorry to hear about this issue and I’d like to look into it as soon as possible so it would be great if you could answer the following:

  1. Please confirm your device details (model and OS) and Vectornator version.

  2. Does this impact all files or specific files?

  3. Are your your Undo & Redo settings set to ‘default’ or ‘optimised’?

  4. Does this undoing issue impact files you’re currently working on or older files that you had closed, reopened and then began working on again?

If possible, it would be extremely helpful if you could catch this occurring via a screen recording also.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Thanks Helen,

  1. Vectornator 4.10.3; iPad 15.5

  2. This is the first time it happened, and it so distorted the work I was doing that I haven’t opened any other files to check, since there is not way to Not Save or Revert when something happens.

  3. They are set to default

  4. This file was from last year, and I picked it up again to start working on it further. It was after about an hour or 2 of work that it had the error while I was actively working on it (I think it happened when I combined to objects).

I don’t have a video recording because I don’t know how to recreate it, but I have attached two screenshots. The first is about what this looked like at the start (this was my reference from another program) and you can compare it to what it looks like now in the second (which was taken undoing as far back as I could go). Note the changes in the black, purple flank, purple shadow by the elbow, purple shadow in the ear.



I can confirm this behavior :frowning_face:
I have added a review on AppStore back in May.
It’s the only downside of this great app.

Hi @Udelorotha,

Thank you so much for providing these extra details.

Could I just ask one final question: did the undo action revert to multiple steps backward in the process (i.e resulting in a version of the object that did once exist) or did the undo action result in an entirely new result which you had never originally created?


I could undo several steps which would only walk back the intentional changes I made. It neither undid nor changed the glitch shapes. It just walked back other changes around them.

I’m having the same issue. I’m selecting the group of paths to move the art work and random nodes glitch and don’t move with the rest of the group. When I undo previous actions undo but the nodes that glitched won’t. It keeps happening again and again and makes working really hard as you have to go in and redo everything manually :frowning:

Hi there @Liza,

Would you mind sharing your device model, OS and Vectornator version?

Also, if you wouldn’t mind forwarding the file in question for testing that would be even more helpful.


Hey, here are the specs!
iPad Pro 10.5 2017
iPadOS 15.7
Vectornator 4.10.5

Which email do I send the file to?

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