I cannot get the lines to show

Hello there,

A beginner here. I started a new document and tried to draw with either the brush or the pencil tool, but I cannot see the lines/curves on the screen. They are there, because when I click with the point tool, I can see whatever I drew; they are just invisible. I tried setting the both the stroke and fill to obvious colors and upped the weight of the line. What am I doing wrong? I’m using iPad 8, and the version of Vectornator I downloaded is supposed to be compatible.

Thank you for any suggestions,


Hey @bV121212 welcome to the Community Forum!

It definitely seems like you’ve tried some of the most common offenders but another possible reason for the invisibility of your shapes could be their opacity level. Could you please try selecting a given line/curve and turning up its opacity to 100% within the Style tab.

If this doesn’t work, just report back and we’ll try something else!